A call for proper standards on sex dolls and the entertainment industry

We MUST establish PROPER STANDARDS or society will collapse.

Sex dolls MUST be regulated. It must be said, it MUST be made very clear that the clear sexualization and normalization of child sexual abuse MUST BE PROHIBITED. Actually, ALL ideas that normalize ANY child abuse, whether social, physical, or sexual MUST BE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Suggested ideas I want to see goes like this lol: BAN on sex dolls that look “very clearly prepubescent”. Penalties must be harsh. BAN on computer generated porn that involve characters that look “very clearly prepubescent”.

We CANNOT permit the normalization and the hypersexualization of children in our culture. If we fail this, I expect society to collapse. Perhaps this is the Great Filter? Who knows???

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The legal definition of “underage” requires the age of an actual living person. Without that determining “child” would be extremely subjective. In fact, there are plenty of 18+ real women who cosplay as “smaller” characters. I know. I get off to them.

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First time posting (I’m mainly a lurker, too shy to post) What’s up with all the trolls recently?
If you know that is.

The question is whether we want the government to regulate sex toys or whether there are other ways that the same results can be accomplished. We believe that allowing the government to tell people how they can masturbate is a terrible idea, and that the right approach to dealing with problems caused by sex dolls is, firstly, to independently establish through research what those problems are (if any), and secondly, to work with industry to address those specific problems.

This has been our approach through our pilot No Children Harmed program. Although the program has been shifted back into development now, this was a unique attempt to get the doll industry on board to address concerns about their dolls potentially supporting cognitive distortions that may support abuse. We succeeded in developing a set of guidelines that prohibited doll companies from using real children as models for the design of dolls, required 18+ age gating on doll vendors’ website, and required them to provide purchasers with a notice about consent:

This doll is not intended to be used to provide instruction in sexual activities with a human partner. Unlike a doll, a human partner must provide consent to sex and must be over the legal age of consent.

This is a more reasonable and balanced approach than simply banning dolls that busybodies may find offensive for other people to own. Frankly, in the absence of evidence of harm, the fact that you are offended by the shape of a piece of plastic that somebody else owns is rather irrelevant, and we should hesitate before allowing laws to be passed to regulate such objects.

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Apparently someone posted about us in a QAnon Facebook Group.

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Imagine being so pathetic that you’d look around to find out where we all came from. Congrats on finding us. What do you think of us now? We are here to break your guys echo chambers.

I think you should educate yourself. https://prostasia.org/blog/the-truth-behind-qanon/

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People like you are the problem, not pedophiles looking to express themselves via sexual release using toys. You can’t control people, their thoughts, or their words. You cannot punish them for their desires or how they act on them simply because those desires or thoughts are hated or disgusting to the community. That very line of thinking is what kept social and cultural minorities, such as the LGBT community, under the boot of repression.

The arguments I see presented in your post, the “normalization” arguments, have been repeated for millenia for various different issues throughout history. These arguments are a regurgitation of flawed social theory that doesn’t take into account the reality behind the alleged “harms” behind ideas. If anything, I’d argue that placing it on such a pedestal does more harm than good, in that it hinders people’s ability to objectively discuss, review, or understand it, which could in turn hinder social progress necessary to reduce the commissions of these crimes. Exemplifying the taboo and stigma via criminal sanction will do nothing to help victims of sexual abuse, nor will it reduce the commission of sexual abuse. Rather, it will likely result in an INCREASE in sexual abuse statistics if the science behind it is to be believed. Mandating these cultural mannerisms is clearly designed to serve the feelings of those who feel uncomfortable with the subject matter, which is both shameful and more disgusting than the subject matter itself.

Also, child sex abuse and pedophilia will never be normalized.
Child sexual abuse is illegal and universally understood to be harmful. It is assault. It causes harm and suffering to children. Child sexual abuse material is also illegal as it is intrinsically tied to the commission of child sexual exploitation and abuse, hence why it’s illegal worldwide to produce, own, view, seek out, or receive. HOWEVER, that limitation has been universally understood to be based on harms caused to EXISTING, ACTUAL MINORS. Actual children deserve protection, not the prospect or idea of children.


Sex dolls are already regulated by the fact only adults can buy and will use them. That’s all the regulation needed.

Children must be saved and protected at all costs.

Sex dolls do not need protection as they are not human. They are not deadly. They do not mean a person is abused. They do not stand as an advocacy for human violence, rather, human endearment and appreciation.

Sex dolls are entirely their own thing. I don’t think they help save children (because people who prey on children will continue to prey on children… the target will never be a doll, sadly), but they also do not cause more children to suffer either, because not everyone who buys them are associated with or interested in that. Dolls can be purchased by anyone for any reason. They have so many uses, most of which are non-sexual: admiration, inspiration, collection, worship, posing, hobby, photography, art, modeling, clothing, hair styling, makeup, fashion, hugging, coping with loneliness, coping with grief and loss, and more. See, this is what makes them the perfect gray area topic for debate. There is no right or wrong morality with them. Leave them alone.

I love dolls of all kinds, whether they are sexual or non-sexually capable. I don’t want to be a criminal for my hobby of playing with dolls. The hobby does not involve a living person at all, so laws involving people should not be imposed. If I were ever investigated, I’d gladly hand over my computer, but I would never hand over my dolls. Leave the hobbies alone that have nothing to do with other people suffering.

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Already happened.

Sex dolls are not real humans, they don’t have personality and consciousbess. They can’t be harmed. Im pretty sure if childlovers have child sex dolls, they won’t be interested in “harming” real, biological children. By legalizing child sex dolls, probably less real children will be “harmed”.

There is no such things as “pedophilia normalization”. If you want to convince me that pedophilia is a real thing, a real “disease”, as people love to say, then you have to prove the genes that contribute to pedophilic disorder by altering certaint parts of the brain, actually exist.

No one is trying to normalize pedophilia. The claims someone is trying to normalize pedophilia, are coming from the far-right evangelical, fundamentalist groups in the US. For example, the Westboro Baptist Church is one of the sources of these claims. They love to hold signs “GOD HATES FAGS”. Another sources are the god-fearing cults and the “anti-maps” on social media.

This is true. Abuse should be banned. And if you want to reduce child abuse, not only sexual abuse, but child abuse as whole, you should restrict religion too, because religion teaches dangerous ideologies to the young minds. When the child is young, his/her brain absorbs everything quickly, and accepts it as objective truth. This is why childhood indoctrination must be stopped.

I explained you why child sex dolls should be legalized. Also, there is no evidence that child sex dolls lead to increased violence. Go check some studies.

These computer generated images are not real people. They dont have personality and consciousness, they cant be harmed.

What else should be banned? Oxygen?

Again - no one is trying to sexualize children. But if you think children are special, devine angels, sent by god, then you are wrong. We don’t live in the last days, and Satan is not trying to normalize pedophiia, so he can suck devine energy from children, and dring adrenochrome.

Most posts about pedophilia you see on social media, are nothing but misinformation and myths. You need critical thinking.

I think there’s a difference between simulated child r-pe and oxygen.

You need a brain. There are absolutely pedophiles who go around r-ping kids. Why do you think CP is so rampant online? It’s made by pedophiles (and minors who don’t know any better).

Child r-pe and exploitation material are very real things, so why you feel the need to say there are “misinformation and myths” surrounding pedophilia is downright bizarre.

There is no such thing as “simulated rape”

The official definition of rape (from wiki) is: 'Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent."

here is link: Rape - Wikipedia

The fact is, fictional images, such as dolls, don’t have consciousness and personality. They are not real people, they are not living people, but plastic, or other kind of non-living matter. The concept of rape is invalid in this situation.

Also, there is no evidence that child sex dolls increase the chances of rape of a real child. If you think you have any evidence against child sex dolls, bring it!

This is not true. Rape is about power. Pedophiles don’t rape children. All researches are clear: in most cases, the rape is performed by someone the kid already know. Who can be the person? In most cases, someone from the family. And this “someone” dont make any videos.

If you are, for example, 50 years old, and you rape 9 years old kid, this doesnt make you a pedophile, but a rapist. There is a difference between pedophiles and rapists. Pedophilia has strict definition, so, please, dont use the term loosely. Pedophilia is attraction to prepubescent individuals. If you rape someone because you want to harm them and to gain power over thim, NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE ATTRACTED TO THEM, this doesnt mean you are a pedophile. This simply mean you are rapists. Stop trying to say that pedophiles and rapists are the same people, this is not true. This onle creates stigma and marginalization.

The idea that all pedphiles are rapists, is debunked myth.

Child rape and exploitation are NOT necessary linked to pedophiles. I explained you that the idea that pedophiles and rapists are the same people, is debunked myth. You should read some studies about this topic.

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Standards. People are very happy to get anything to do with sex dolls shutdown, even when they don’t involve minors, like the sex robot brothels

I don’t think they should use identifiable minors to produce dolls / robots. I would personally burn a piece of paper saying to not go out, and do it to real people. What other standards could there be. It would be good to have it be less of a black market to reduce the number of people trying to scam you.

There are so many scammers for anything child-like, it practically follows a reputation system, where someone refers a particular dealer known not to scam people to you. It’s really quite bad. And the doll vendors talk shit about each other all the time to try to steal each other’s customers.

There’s something charming about a wild west where everyone does whatever they want, but it’s also a real drag. I hope we can get rid of some of this nonsense by killing the anti-doll momentum.

I don’t understand at all how the development of the doll industry affects the statistics of child abuse? These are completely different planes that do not intersect at any point!
This is absurd!


I consider the arguments mentioned above to be absolutely correct and obvious. The doll is clearly an inanimate creature, without feelings and emotions. And the elimination of this industry will not change the rates of child abuse, unfortunately. These phenomena have a completely different nature of occurrence. On the contrary, I believe that sex dolls are a certain deterrent, since some people who feel aroused and want to fulfill their sexual fantasies can use a doll, but not children and other victims of sexual violence. Now you can choose a doll for any preference. For example, on ovdoll.com . And stop comparing incomparable things.

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You’re comparing sex dolls, literal inanimate objects to child abuse, how the hell is that equivalent?