A survey of opinions

I’m a college freshman, 17, and “non exclusive” MAP. Although those of you who saw my first post here may have already known that.

Recently I’ve gotten “relationship” with a girl in my study group at school. She’s 20, and I haven’t told her my age yet - she more likely than not assumes I’m 18 as I’m a freshman after all . We’ve been “talking” for around a month now, had a “date”, which was just lunch at a sandwich shop near campus (I’m enjoying a pretty nice Reuben from there as I’m typing this :upside_down_face:). We haven’t had any explicitly sexual conversation’s, and we certainly haven’t gone all the way yet, but there’s definitely a bit of… chemistry at play.

I’m honestly curious as to what you guys think of this, all opinions are welcome

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Not a big deal in my view


Having non sexual relationships when your under 18 is alright. Some people would be like “WAH WAH power imbalance” But the difference between 17 and 20 is basically nothing.


A fellow non exclusive MAP, nice.

I’m definitely in no hurry to be doing the horizontal tango, but if she offer’s, I’m afraid I might not have the heart to refuse haha. In all seriousness, Thanks for the response.

If you want my advice, you should wait until you’re 18 before contemplating a relationship with an adult.
You’re 17. You’re still a minor, and you’d potentially be putting an adult partner at risk of criminal liability, regardless of whether they know your real age, if not putting yourself at heightened risk.

Also, honesty is typically the best policy, as a person’s age is usually one of the first things most people learn about a person.

But generally, @Larry is correct. The forum isn’t the place to discuss these types of matters.


Thank you for the response chie. HUGE respect for you and your work here.

Regarding honesty, I do plan on telling her sometime in the future. Doing so now… Well, it almost seems like throwing away what’s been handed to me on a silver platter.

I haven’t had much if any luck in this department for most of my life. I’m a strange guy, and taking initiative is hard. Having someone else do it for me- to approach me voluntarily, that’s been a bit of a dream of mine.

I probably should break it to her, honestly seems irresponsible to wait. But I just can’t quite find it in me to do it right now.


You are clearly a fucking idiot if you dont think 17 and 20 is significant. are you a downy?