Age of consent issue

There has been much discussion on the Age of Consent. Most of it useless. The AoC has changed throughout history and will continue to do so. @prostasia 's mission is to protect children from sexual abuse with science and evidenced based measures. The AoC is whatever it is for the current society and location. That is not the main concern here. The main discussion needs to be how to protect children without trampling on everyone else’s rights.

Or have I misunderstood the mission?

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I’m skeptical that prostasia is not a front for pedo. so many people on twitter say it is but after looking at this website i have my doubts, maybe the people on twitter are wrong or misreading it, idk. No one really knows the true mission of prostasia but the prostasia founders themselves. you may ask them yourself.

Hopefully you’ll come to realize that we are “not a front for pedo” whatever that means and that we just want to protect children and people born with paraphilia’s that may incline them towards harmful behavior.

You’ve been quite antagonistic to us so we respond in part but our goal is’nt to gang up on random form users.

If you want to discus something then we can but if not well just “flame” each other untill your banned.


WTF even is a “front for pedo”? Lol, what advantage do you think there is to that? You can see our financials in our annual reports, I assure you, there’s no money to be made here. We did this as volunteers to get Prostasia off the ground. Reports and finances - Prostasia Foundation

LMFAO. Don’t step to me if twitter is all your evidence. Do you also believe everything you read on wikipedia? Bring me a real source…You won’t be able to find a credible source because it isn’t true.

Our mission: About - Prostasia Foundation
Who we are: Our Team - Prostasia Foundation
The person typing this message to you right now: Meagan Ingerman - Prostasia Foundation
Prostasia financials: Reports and finances - Prostasia Foundation

Jeremy Malcolm is our founder and I have been there since the beginning. The beginning being about 3 years ago.

Our mission is to protect children from child sexual abuse with the help of experts. Our methods are evidence based and entirely mainstream within the actual child protection community. We believe that human rights don’t need to be sacrificed to save children. Human rights violations, one might argue, negatively effect everyone, especially children. We champion education, community, and support. We also draw from other communities that already have informal structures in place to help protect minors.

Generally speaking, people like you are looking for a revenge based, carceral approach to dealing with CSA, but all of that ignores the idea of stopping CSA before it can happen and create a victim. It’s not prevention.

We prefer to focus on prevention, human rights, harm reductions, and restorative justice that provides real healing and support to survivors when abuse isn’t prevented.

Do, like, the most basic amount of research before you start typing here.


Last I checked, Prostasia does not and will not condone or support any effort to lower the age of consent.