Amino and other children social apps

I’m gonna be talking about various apps such as Amino, Project Z, and Discord. Aswell as how unsafe these apps are and what could make them better.

Amino is a huge social network where theres separate communities in it you can join. Fnaf, Drawing, Paganism, Markiplier, etc. There’s communites for just about anything and everything. It’s rated 13+, and I’ve been on there since 2018. It is full of offending pedos. 11 year old me was scarred for life there. Mods usually don’t care and chats weren’t monitored until recently. There’s so many cases of grooming it’s unhealthy.

Project Z is very similar to amino, except it’s way smaller and full of adults and drp/dirty roleplay. This is not a safe place for minors whatsoever really, and it sucks. There’s practically no hope in saving it.

Discord is infamous for offending pedophiles. Me and plenty of my friends have been groomed here, not a good place. It’s also very insensitive, so I reccomend avoiding it if you’re a minority of any sort, as there are many discriminatory things you’ll find there.

Overall, good solid moderation is key. Some Aminos and Discord servers are good, others not so much. It really depends, but moderation is usually the answer.

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How come 20hrs earlier you were trying to encourage people to join? Not that the link-icon works on a phone.

Because it’s this organizations server and its hella small, so i trust it?

I just disable DMs from strangers and turned friend requests off which keeps a lot of the weirdos out automatically. Education is just as important. You can moderate all you want when the potential victims are oblivious. You can see the disproportionation in current legislators trying to eliminate end-to-end encryption to moderate everything they can. Will that be helpful? Not really.


Discord doesn’t use end-to-end encryption anyway.

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