Antis are insufferable

So, there’s this relatively popular show known as ‘‘Camp Camp’’ made by Rooster teeth.

Among its fanbase, some people like to ship the characters, Max and David. Max is 10 and David is 24.

Every few weeks, the top post on the Camp Camp subreddit will always be some post-threatening violence against people who like that ship.

On the most recent instance of this, I attempted to inform everyone that ‘‘Maxvid’’ is not an ‘‘Illegal Ship’’ as federal consent laws do not apply to fanfiction and if they want it to, they need to advocate for it.

No one attempted to dispute my claim but I got downvoted -70 and was eventually banned for ‘‘being a freak’’.

These people truly are insufferable. Their moral campaigns are based entirely on non-existent laws and they vehemently refuse to accept that their understanding of the law is wrong, even at the hands of legal experts.

How on earth do they expect to change anything when they can’t even acknowledge their own limitations?


Because they have no spine and can’t just accept that people don’t agree with them. These are cartoons. We can all agree that such a thing wouldn’t be acceptable if they were real people, but they’re not.
They’re fictional, cartoon characters.

This type of behavior is exactly why I had to take a break from Twitter.
The same arguments, same flawed talking points, no data to back up their claims, the word ‘normalize’ and its derivatives being reused ad nauseam, it’s like arguing with a wall. I’ve literally written down college-paper-level rebuttals, it’s no use because they don’t care about real children.


This type of behaviour is why I don’t even use Twitter. Hell, I have the entire domain nullrouted.


Who cares? People are allowed to be disgusted by things. You seem more upset that pedophiles are not constantly coddled by society than the fact that there are predators all over sites like Twitter and Reddit.

Neither do you, since this organization seems to be dedicated to defending loli lewds.

OK, then I’ll say that you disgust me.

Right. But to impose your own moral viewpoints at the expense of somebody else’s rights just to satisfy or gratify that disgust is akin to savagery, not unlike that which guided the hand of the Salem Witch Trials, the anti-LGBT civil rights violations and violence of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, the “satanic panic”, and just about every other moral panic out there.

That’s a baseless accusation that you’re making yourself against either me, Prostasia, or the forum community.
I’m simply speaking out against the senseless and ruthless stigma that people have to deal with, despite the fact that they’ve never harmed, nor are likely to harm children and how that stigma is both hypocritical and counterproductive of CSA prevention is the goal.
Though an unfortunate one, a sexual interest or preference for children is not an excuse to dehumanize people, especially for cases where no real harm or abuse is occurring or is likely to occur.

As for child predators on the internet, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Neither I, nor do any of the members of this forum, and especially not the Prostasia Foundation, have any sympathy for those who sexually abuse, exploit, or otherwise act out or behave inappropriately with children.

It’s a sad reality that people are nefarious and will act out in ways that deliberately cause harm to others. Predators on social media are not a new phenomenon and they certainly won’t disappear over night. But the Prostasia Foundation has been working on tools to help identify, delete, and report CSAM to the NCMEC for RocketChat, in addition to other ventures.

Making an argument against censorship is part of prevention.