Are real people really better than inflatable or physical dolls?

In Greek mythology, there is a king who is good at carving, maybe because he thinks the real woman is not hard enough, so he carved one, and he also caresses her like his daughter-in-law and dresses her up… I don’t know if there’s sex.
But the king must have had a need, so he begged god to make the sculpted woman his wife!
Love is also very free to be moved by him, give the statue life, let them become husband and wife!!
In xia xie’s Chinese and western chronicle, it is recorded: "foreigners can make things for naked women, skin bones, eyes and ears, teeth and tongue, Yin qiao all have, fold fold like clothing, blowing it with the air, soft and warm as beauty, can embrace the handover as humanity, its clever but lost heart so.
This should be the earliest description of inflatable dolls “small yellow article”, however, we now doll category can not only foreign women, people all over the world… Well, there are sex dolls!!
During the second world war, Hitler called for the creation of “inflatable figures” to ensure purity of blood and the elimination of venereal diseases. At the time, it was top military secret. But then the factory that made “top secret” was shut down…
Although Hitler’s “sex doll” project went bust, he was lucky to have earned the title of “grandfather of the sex doll”.
So, the problem comes, the appearance of inflatable doll is because can’t find a woman pa, and now single woman is hot, why still bother that strength? Are dolls better than real people?
In Detroit, Davecat regularly blogs about his love life with his three inflatable girlfriends. He did not think that dolls had all the faults of women. They were either cute, or pure, or sexy, and would not lie, cheat, or argue.
‘dolls are more reliable than real people,’ says uncle Senji, 61, from Japan. ‘she’s not with me for my money.’ You can have a lot of good times with her.
About sex, a lot of women are not open, some needs really women can not meet, even if can, always need endless coax, is too troublesome!

Seems interesting. I’m a bit indecisive on this topic so, if you don’t mind, which would you prefer?

I think I would like the real human a little more, although the doll looks really very delicate, but I still like the living body a little, but I do not mind I have the doll

I’m a little don’t agree with your opinion that human is not attractive to us, because the generation of entity doll is based on interpersonal attraction, the future is likely to produce many sex robot, but I believe that no matter how advanced science and technology, robot with real or there will be a big difference, compared with the real people, we can get from people who really care, get, but not the doll, we can only choose to take care of baby, this is unilateral, but the reality is two-sided, but what is undeniable is that the entity doll looks like which one must be your favorite, But do you prefer someone who can understand you or choose someone who can’t understand you but has a nice appearance? I think this question is worth our shens