Australia also bans sex dolls

Obvious sarcasm above.

this one doesn’t have the picture but they’re usually very cute looking

was this posted already? labor is currently pushing 20 years for having a sex doll which is actually absurd and other states are considering it already.

Don’t forget that this is a country which thinks the law of Australia trumps the law of Math.


No, it wasn’t posted already so thanks for drawing this to our attention. You’re also right—this is utterly, completely absurd. Where is your source about the other states considering similar measures?


On the federal level it already is illegal and that was only recently with the amended criminal code of 1995 just last late year which added some amendments(273A.1) and these were pushed hard by YvetteDAth and Di Farmer. Now Yvette is trying to make it illegal on the state level and so much more severe. Also I suppose Im just expecting others to follow Yvette cause the other two major states are controlled by the biggest party leaders and each of them supported these amendments.

Be very watchful over this type of thing. They’re going to use the possessing of CSAM which victimizes actual children as a correlation to justify broad prohibition.

Australia is not a free nation. They don’t value freedom of speech or expression. They wish to censor and control the thoughts of their people. And it’s horrifying how they’ve managed to hijack so much of the scientific discussion regarding these dolls and their effects (or lack thereof) on crimes against children.


I did more research and I came to learn the very same person that created this law and pushed this federal law is the exact same person pushing the anime loli ban…SA-Best MP Connie Bonaros along with her sister party the centrist alliance with senator Sterling Griff, interesting…she is currently pushing hard to stop imports from Japan.


I hope they’ll be run well enough not to go bankrupt.

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