BBC: Japan redefines rape and raises age of consent in landmark move

I’ve never been really into the debates you guys have about Japan, but from what I read in the article, this really seems like very good news.


This is good news! Good for Japan!


I would hope that Twitter freaks would not use that as an excuse to say that “lolicon is totally illegal now”, but the concept of hope is already dead.

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That’s a reach, even for them.


Never underestimate the stupidity of imbeciles.



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This looks relevant.

If this statement is true, then the change is merely a formality.

"The current reform regarding Japan’s national age of consent is largely just a formality. Since every prefecture already had it set to 16-18, little is going to change.

‘Lol Japan’s age of consent is 13’ is a tired narrative that has never been true in practice."


That is true, too. But having it be set that at the national level, along with the adjusting the definition of rape, is long overdue.

Hopefully other legislative reforms like this are to come, by “like this” I mean laws designed to curb actual harmful acts, not juridify peoples harmless thoughts, minds, and fantasies.


Yep, that is the type of scummy move that the BBC would do to Japan (while also being a Chicom apologist, but I digress).

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Even though the change in the age of consent may be just a formality, I still think it has a certain level of importance for what it may represent on a symbolic level. And what the article reports reagrding the redefinition of rape seems really important too, not only on a symbolic level but also on a practical level, it cites cases of rape acquittal that stroke me as utterly absurd.


Long overdue indeed. Well done, Japan.

Hopefully, the anime and art will be left alone. I think the digital censorship is good enough for additional security, albeit it is often found to be annoying to foreigners.


I’m sure the BBC and UK will turn on the outrage machine when they need yet another “BUT JAPAN!” distraction, sadly.

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Even more ironic when the BBC turns around and sucks Chicom cock. It’s like with the UN’s ESG. They claim that it’s for the “right side of history”, while still telling investors to go all in on commie China.

I don’t think there’s ever a “right side” of history, just the lesser evil. I hesitate to say the Soviet Union was on the “right side of history” when you consider all the horrific things the CPSU did, but Nazi Germany was committing genocides upwards of 10 million people and intended on eventually wiping out the entire Soviet population on top of that. Lebensraum.

The USA often supported brutal fascists in their fight against communism:

-Augusto Pinochet, Chilean dictator of Chile who trained dogs to rape the imprisoned wives and children of his political opponents.

-Park Chung-hee, 3rd President of South Korea (and former Imperial Japanese soldier) who brutally invaded Vietnam and ordered his men to perform horrific war crimes ala WW2 Japan.

-The Contras in Nicaragua, who blew up countless buildings including schools full of kids just to flush out commies. USA actually funded the Contras by selling weapons to Iran and buying drugs from the Contras. Then the US gave those drugs to black people so the war on drugs would begin, and now black people are stuffed into American prisons and used for slave labor (per the exception made in the 13th Amendment regarding prison labor).

-Speaking of Iran, USA overthrew their Soviet-friendly PM Mossadegh and gave power to the Shah. A brutal dictator who was finally overthrown himself by the Iranian Revolution which installed their own brutal Islamist dictator Ayatollah Khomeini. We gave the Shah asylum here in America.

-Fulgencio Batista, fascist dictator of Cuba who was deposed by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara for his extreme brutality. We gave that bastard asylum here like we did the Shah.

-Operation Paperclip, the USA allowed countless Nazis to move to America so they could continue fighting communists (can’t spell NASA without Nazi).

-Japan, where the US also let several war criminals walk free in order to prevent the Soviets from splitting Japan like they did in Germany, China, Korea, Vietnam, Yemen, etc. Most notably, the US gave immunity to Unit 731, the most infamous group of scientists to ever exist (my “favorite” experiment: put a naked Chinese mother and her baby in a room with a metal floor. Heat up the floor until it burns. Will the mother sacrifice herself to save the baby, or will she stand on the baby to save herself?).

(Japan has been consistently ruled by the war crime-denying political party LDP since the end of WW2. Ex-PM Shinzo Abe denied the existence of “comfort women”/sex slaves, denied Unit 731’s experiments, denied the Rape of Nankin, etc. The guy who assassinated him did it because Abe supported a violent anti-communist South Korean cult that scammed the assassin’s mum outta her family’s entire fortune. After learning this, most Japanese actually SUPPORTED the assassin!!!)

-Taiwan, where nationalist dictator Chiang Kai-shek ruled with an iron fist, killing any who opposed him during what became known as the White Terror.

-Afghanistan, where the US supported the Mujahideen against the invading Soviets. Members of the Mujahideen would later form the Taliban, the very same that protected Osama bin Laden after 9/11 and the ones currently ruling Afghanistan with an iron fist.

-Ngo Dinh Diem, president of South Vietnam. Was a Catholic extremist who persecuted religious minorities, especially Buddhists. One Buddhist monk went so far as to self-immolate to death to protest the South Vietnamese regime.

-Indonesia, where anti-communist dictator Suharto decided to invade neighboring East Timor and conducted what would become known as the East Timor Genocide. Also, Indonesia has consistently abused the rights of the black Papuan people in the New Guinea part of Indonesia. With aid from America and Australia.

Etc. Just because somebody kowtows to commies doesn’t mean they’re on the “wrong” side of history. You can support capitalist countries and still be a terrible piece of shit. Don’t get me wrong, commies suck all the same:

-Stalin, who deported Poles and Kalmyks to the Gulag out of his own racist paranoia. Deliberately starved millions of Ukrainians to death in the Holodomor. Invaded Finland and pushed them into joining forces with Nazi Germany. Ultimately killed upwards of 20 million people.

-Communist China, whose disasterous policies accidentally starved upwards of 30 million people. The PRC also made use of the Laogai system (basically Chinese Gulag). When students gathered in Tiananmen Square to protest the CPC, the government massacred them in what became known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Not to mention the current situations going on in Tibet and Xinjiang. Tibetans are routinely persecuted for speaking out against the CPC and the Uyghurs in Xinjiang are put in concentration camps. Many have gone as far as to accuse China of committing a Uyghur Genocide!

-North Vietnam, while arguably not as brutal as South Vietnam, still performed terrible war crimes and massacres. Notably, North Vietnam ran a series of “re-education” camps where political prisoners would be brainwashed and tortured.

-Communist Cuba. LGBT people were once put in labor camps and worked to death for several decades up until relatively recently. Fidel Castro stated not long before he died that he felt immense remorse for how he treated LGBT people in the past.

-Venezuela, where president Nicolas Maduro routinely puts down protests that speak out against the corruption of his presidency.

-East Germany, which built a wall to separate Berlin. East Berliners weren’t allowed to leave. Thousands were caught trying to escape by the East German secret police (Stasi). Many were just straight-up shot when they got too close to the Wall.

-Communist Romania, which was so corrupt and incompetent that President Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife were dragged out of their hiding place and shot once the people had enough of their nonsense.

-The Khmer Rouge of Kampuchea, a regime so foul it actually went to war with another communist nation (North Vietnam). Pol Pot’s dictatorship forced everybody to wear the same uniform and have the same haircut. Intellectuals (meaning, everybody who wore glasses or spoke multiple languages) were massacred by the millions alongside their families in what became known as the Cambodian Genocide. The Killing Fields are still filled with the skulls and bones of the Khmer Rouge’s victims. Two things about this regime stands out to me: 1. Political prisoners would be experimented on. By inexperienced med students. As in they’d strap a person to a table, hand out scalpels, and tell the students to just go to town. 2. In order to save bullets, the Khmer Rouge would just bash people’s heads in. They actually had designated baby-killing trees where they would bash babies’ heads against the trunk.

-North Korea, the DPRK. My grandmother is a refugee of North Korea. North Korea worships the Kim family like Gods. Nobody is allowed to leave. They run a series of concentration camps where anybody who even slightly criticizes Kim is detained there (alongside their entire family). Many experts believe North Korea’s camps are of a similar condition to Nazi Germany’s (torture, starvation, human experiments)…

Etc. I have little love for most commies, but most anti-commies can be just as bad if not often worse. I don’t consider either group on the “right side of history”. To Hell with em both. Spend your money in China, you support freaks like Kim Jong Un and Pol Pot. Spend your money in America, you support freaks like Augusto Pinochet and Unit 731. The only way to win is not play.


Thank you, Joshua. :grinning:

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Wargames, 1983. The computer, Joshua, determines that Global Thermonuclear War is a strange game. “The only winning move is not to play.”

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Oh, come now. Fallout isn’t too bad.

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I love to glow in the dark. I save energy that way. :rofl:

Nowadays, Chicoms and their toadies demand that other countries send their Chinese plunder back to China, but ironically or appropriately, it was that “plundering” that saved those relics from being destroyed by those same Chicoms during the Cultural Revolution. In that sense, I am nothing but grateful to the westerners for caring about Chinese culture (nowadays, those Chicoms still don’t care about culture for its own sake, but rather its use as international marketing and propaganda) more than the actual Chinese. Heh, I’m sure those leftie gonna say mock me for praising my “white daddies”.

It might not even be America. It might be India, given that its stick-based border conflict with the PRC:

Maybe, it’s not this American gun:

that should be labeled as This Machine, but rather an Indian stick. FYI, the label reads “WELL THIS MACHINE KILLS COMMIES.”

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