Behold the double thinking of transphobes!

In summary, 12 out of 175 kids in this series detransitioned (7%), and 4 out of 12 of them re-transitioned. How much faith you can draw to such a small data set I’m sure you can guess. At any rate the author did not even try to estimate the 95% interval of re-transitioners because it is bound to be all over the place. (Paper from British Journal of Psychiatry )

I love how Zach always accentuates the positive when it comes to sex change (Paper from British Journal of Surgery ; might take a while to load.)

The authors in this third paper found out that teenager who had completed the whole works (including genital surgery with or without breast augmentation/removal) reported more intimate and sexual behaviors and higher sexual satisfaction.

I’m sure that those kids “regretting” detransitioning have a more underlying issue like an already damaged mental health caused by botched surgeries and hormonal changes, meaning that what they really regret is not detransitioning per se, but the whole process that started it all (i.e. the transition) and probably thought detransing would help them and it didn’t. Exactly the same thing they felt when they did transition: disappointment

And that isn’t what the research says

I hope he keeps bragging about it, more and more openly, so when Jazz’s case gets the spotlight after that poor kid kills himself, society can point at him as one of the many that need to answer for it.

They have been saying for years that Jazz Jennings will kill herself any day now…even Chicken Little admitted the sky wasn’t falling eventually…

Troons lie, though. How many of them are saying they have amazing sex 24/7 simply because they don’t want transphobes to have any ammunition about the actual state of their sexual dysfunction? How many need a truck load of Viagra to get a girl dick erection? And those with stink ditches just flat out have to pretend because sexual enjoyment is a thing of the past. Faking orgasms might be the only feminine thing they do.

And it isn’t surprising that more troons who de-transition say they regret it vs those who transition.

  1. Troon society will never allow you to express any regret, however mild. So, you keep those thoughts to yourself if you want to remain a part of troon groups. Conform or else.
  2. De-transitioners are social outcasts in both troon and non-troon groups. Non-troons can’t relate to the struggles of dealing with long term effects of a medical transition. Troon groups will see you as a traitor. If you have to give up your community (that you were desperate enough to lop off body parts and shoot up hormones in order to join), sure you might regret it because of the loneliness.

If the troon cult could tolerate de-transing, there probably would be very few who revert back to their true sex who regret switching back.

They assume its social pressure that stops more from detransitioning…but they give no evidence. This is all assumption despite the fact that the ones claiming this are usually frauds themselves.

Absolutely. To add to this, you have to take these statistics and put them alongside the statistics on how many children who are not transitioned go on to identify as trans, because that adds a ton of context - those stats showed that the vast majority of trans-identified children, without intervention, grew up to be healthy, normal, primarily gay and lesbian adults; multiple studies show that the rate at which these children still identified as trans when they hit eighteen was miniscule.

So what ZJ’s study actually shows, with this added context, is that once you begin transitioning, it is incredibly difficult to stop, but if you don’t transition children they will mostly stop identifying as trans. The approval and indulgence of parents and medical professionals and teachers and peers in the delusion that is being trans is key to ensuring children continue to identify as trans - if they’re told that their feelings are normal and that they are a normal boy or girl and aren’t treated as if they are the opposite sex, they don’t maintain trans identity. And that’s why trans activists like Zach here work so hard to push for the kind of shit we’re hearing about in the news, like schools changing kids’ names in secret so their parents don’t know they’re transitioning, courts threatening to remove children from their parents’ care if they don’t put them on hormones and change their names, Netflix specials about how important “affirmative care” is for “trans children”, and so on. It’s all in the name of making it impossible for parents to refuse to transition their children, because they know damn well there’s no going back.

Alot of this is based on the assumption that Transpeople are delusional and don’t tolerate detransitioners, seeing it as descent…

This off course assumes that those who go on to transition don’t already have persistent gender dysphoria. Which Zinnia Jones does point out. The vast majority of detransitioners are usually ignored for the minority who show “regret”.

Again, looking at what Zinnia says:

The “conveyor belt” construct itself is deeply flawed in its claims, but equally notable is what this argument neglects to address: everything that does or doesn’t happen long before any trans or gender-questioning youth begin taking puberty blockers. And it couldn’t be further from the misleading depiction of a yet longer conveyor belt of immediate (mis)diagnosis of any girl who plays with trucks and any boy who picks up a Barbie.

Wagner et al. (2021) examined the health records from 2006 to 2014 of a cohort of 958 children who had exhibited gender-diverse behavior, quantifying how many of these gender-nonconforming youth went on to receive a diagnosis of gender dysphoria or begin medically transitioning. The “conveyor belt” prediction would estimate that this is approximately all of them. But it wasn’t: at an average followup time of 3 years, only 29% had received a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and 25% had been prescribed puberty blockers and/or hormone therapy. Notably, even among those who were diagnosed with gender dysphoria, only 58% were recorded as having later received treatment with puberty blockers or hormones.

Again the ones who go onto transition are the ones with PERSISTANT gender dysphoria.

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And off course they willingly ignore the science:

They use find article showing research that validate’s transgender identity and they just go “lol how stupid” without looking at the evidence.

And this wouldn’t be so bad…except:

They don’t even bother to do the proper research.

Or outright lie about it:

Off course if Syo gave a link to the actual paper:

Whether postoperative male-to-female transsexuals differ in regard to measures of self- and body image from a nontranssexual control group was investigated. A group of 30 postoperative male-to-female transsexuals and control groups of 30 males and 30 females completed self-report measures (depersonalization, self-esteem, gender identity traits, body image). Results showed that transsexuals and males scored higher on self-esteem and dynamic body image than the females did. No differences between the groups were found in terms of depersonalization and satisfaction. Transsexuals and females described themselves as more feminine than males. Regarding sex-role orientation, more androgynous subjects were found among transsexuals than in the control groups. General satisfaction is associated with feminine and masculine traits in transsexuals. Results are discussed in context of the function of these personality features for the identity development of male-to-female transsexuals.

Syo never mentions that the people studied were post-op. You know the people determined to have alleviated symptoms of Depersonalization?

Off course she refuses to address this even after I gave more proof:

And off course when I mention this:

They respond with this:

Despite the fact they would never respond to what I said here about the lack of nuance the Confederacy had in real life.


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