Better media coverage would lead to less stigma

I mean it should be obvious, however a lot of media is obviously dependant on their public image and clicks. If mainstream media would focus on portraying pedophilia in a more realistic way than it would stir the pot and cause more discussion. Now what happens then? How do you control this chaotic tornado full of triggered “child protectors”? You don’t give in to the mob. I’ve seen this happen to so many individuals standing up and trying to clear up misconceptions.

I am honestly glad that Germany is kind of going through this phase right now, where media is being more responsible. Huge publishers like “Spiegel” are very neutral on this topic and also cleared up misconceptions in one of their articles defending sex dolls. There is also a movie in the making that is about a pedophile and a young boy he takes care of. This movie is apparently going to show what is going on inside a pedophiles mind and what he has to struggle with daily and how he manages to control himself. This is exactly what we need. More neutral, or positive media coverage to get rid of this image of an unknown monster that nobody understands. It’s just human nature to fear something we don’t understand and pedophiles are exactly that. A lot of people on pedophile articles here are either neutral, or understanding and supportive of cartoons, or dolls, but those are for the “older” and more intellectual population. Comments on other sites can go the complete opposite. You can really see that people who are against any sexual outlet are just arguing with emotions and they make it easy for you to see. Every anti I have seen here is unable to control their emotions AND KEEPS GOING FULL CAPS LIKE THIS. Same with antis on other platforms.

There are probably also pedophiles in politics. If one of them would publicly come out then it could have a huge impact, because it would bring humanity into this image people have of an unknown monster. Especially if he is a good guy and his work being unrelated to kids (will just cause immense drama). Scientists are already able to publicly give their opinions, so I see no reason for a politician not to do so eventually if he is a pedophile himself or not.

Scientists don’t have a loud voice in the general public and the stigma would be significantly lower if more people could hear their opinions. If private media is not willing to do more coverage on this topic than state media should do it. Is that not one of their tasks? Inform the population? It’s just such a wasted opportunity. Instead of informative science shows you get entertainment - let private media handle this please.