Blogs hosted by Prostasia?

I read somewhere that Prostasia will host blogs by members. I’m interested in this.

At this point I haven’t done much on Prostasia itself, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to show a deeper involvement. On the other hand, as co-founder of Virtuous Pedophiles I’m not just a random somebody. My blog “Celibate Pedophiles” was on for 6 years until it was removed for violating their community standards which prohibit anything by pedophiles. I’m interested in a new home for it.

To phrase this as a site question, how can I find out about what I need to do to start a blog here?

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Thanks for asking, it’s a good question. For now, this isn’t something that we offer. We did take over hosting of MAP Support Club when it was deplatformed by Discord, because there weren’t too many stable alternative options out there (and because it has very strict terms of service, in addition to new technical safeguards that we have implemented). But for blogs, there are still plenty of other places on the Internet that allow you to publish your content censorship-free.

There is the possibility that this will change, if the environment for free expression online continues to become worse. If that does happen and we start to offer a blog hosting service, we will let you know.


Thanks for the prompt answer. I would very much like to learn of other places that allow publishing content censorship-free. Either here or by private email.

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Why the fuck would any company want to host pedo sites? How the fuck do they know you aren’t just going to upload cp? I personally might give you the benefit of the doubt. But You realize they are taking a risk with you right? There is NO WAY to know for sure if you are truly anti crime or not.

We have a filter here that can eliminate known CP if anyone attempts to upload it. Other sites have this feature too. So it is definitely possible to host blogs about pedophilia with minimal risk that they will be used to perpetrate abuse.


@terminus The “No Child Harmed” policy would likely address this person’s concerns, no?

Also, to add onto what @terminus was saying, companies like Google and Microsoft have been working together with the NCMEC and law enforcement agencies to create filtering software that analyzes media, breaking it down and extracting metadata (such as MD5 hashes) and comparing that with a database of other metadata or hashes to block and report attempts to upload illegal CP onto internet platforms to respective authorities.

I remain very interested in tips to hosting companies with strong free speech policies. Especially free ones (the cost isn’t the issue – it’s not leaving a paper trail).

My blog has been offline for many weeks now. I would love to put it up again somewhere, but am frustrated at every turn so far.

You should look into Namecheap’s Wordpress hosting, for which you can pay with Bitcoin. I have no relationship with Namecheap but I know that they have good free speech and privacy policies.


There’s no way to know whether teleiophiles wouldn’t upload CSAM either.