Can anyone tell me a little bit more about “ECAP”? Is it helpful?

So, granted I just found out about this, but I’m… reluctant to go to the website for fear of triggering myself, and I figured I’d ask here:

Apparently the FBI (IIRC, or another gov’t entity) set up a website where they post… either Censored or Cropped photos taken directly from CSAM featuring people and background locations that could be useful to find both perpetrators and victims.

On the surface, this sounds like a solid idea, but I am… hesitant to trust they’ve censored properly? I know this isn’t the same as the Australian police hosting CSAM incident, but I also don’t fully trust other people not to take the good intentions of this at face value without examining the deeper ethics (or if it even, like… works).

Anyone else have thoughts? Sorry I can’t like, link anything, but I only just heard about it while watching a (new) YT video by someone who briefly discussed the purpose of the site as part of a greater list of topics — and again, I don’t wanna trigger myself by investigating, I’m not qualified to identify possible flaws regardless.

I’m not sure how comfortable I am with that type of endeavor.
While finding and rescuing victims of abuse and putting abusers in custody is always a positive, the means by which this end is achieved must always be considered.

There are AI and reverse-image-search tools which could potentially be used to aid in the distribution and acquisition of these illicit abuse materials, as well as putting these censored images into the views of web crawlers, potentially setting off false-positives with CSAM scanning tools which have hashes which scan these images.

I’m sorry I can’t offer any further input on this.

Maybe @terminus could offer his thoughts, if he has a moment?

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I’ve seen this on Reddit. /r/TraceAnObject

It’s basically a cut image - shirt, wristband, certificates from a wall, etc. - on a plain white background.

No pictures of people or locations. Just items they want to help pinpoint a location or person of interest.

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Oh, thank God. I was worried.

I… wouldn’t really put it past certain organizations to put up more explicit imagery if someone high enough got it in their head that it was a good idea.