Child Abuse, Physical, Sexual and Emotional | The need to expand mandatory life sentences for the most egregious offenses

So… There appears to be growing consensus that it’s not just child sexual abuse that is a hideous unforgivable crime, but physical child abuse and emotional child abuse are just as unforgivable and as hideous. All child abuse is the worst and I agree that it shouldn’t really be a competition in so far as categories, [physical], [sexual], [emotional] child abuse. All three categories of child abuse has behaviors within that a reasonable person can be describe as extremely heinous in nature and unforgivable offense.

I agree.

But of the three categories, only one has conduct that permits mandatory life sentences in most states, California being the exception permitting mandatory life for torture. For example, in all US states, the rape of a child under [13], [12], [10], etc carries a mandatory life sentence if the perpetrator is 18 or older. These sentences are 15-life, 25-life, and life without parole. Valid sentences for such a detestable offense. These sentences encourage healing on part of the victims as they can focus on getting their life together without having to worry about being attacked when the offender gets release and of course, inevitably rapes another child. I fully support these sentencing schemes and wish to expand them, and I believe Prostasia should support this. If anything, this could be something that Prostasia as well as those on twitter who are skeptical of Prostasia should support!

A question is what about egregious physical and emotional child abuse. We need to sort out what types of child abuse should also carry a mandatory life sentence. Below, I will outline offenses that I believe should carry a mandatory life sentence.

Any abuse that involves willful and deliberate scarring of a child, such as scalding a child in which 2nd degree burns or greater can be proven. I suggest a mandatory 15-life sentence for this offense.

Any assault with the use of clearly lethal weapons such as knives, or guns, or bats against a child. I suggest a mandatory 15-life sentence for this offense. Reasonable self defense can be a defense, like if a kid is shooting you.

Intentional grievous bodily harm with the use of fire, or lethal weapons in which the child survives. I suggest a mandatory 25-life.

Intentional grievous bodily harm without the use of lethal weapons will be 15-life.

In California, torture carries a mandatory 7-life. If the child is the victim and under the age of 14, the mandatory sentence shall be 25-life. If the victim is between 14-18, the mandatory sentence shall be 15-life.

The article im reading suggests emotional child abuse can be just as damaging as the other two categories. But I’m not sure how to implement the mandatory life sentence scheme. I’d like some help on this. EMOTIONAL CHILD ABUSE IS VERY SERIOUS: Childhood psychological abuse as harmful as sexual or physical abuse

As far as prevention is concerned. The goal is to create fear in the minds of anyone who interacts with children that they ought to be careful. You hurt a child, you go to prison possibly for life. Children deserve the upmost protection in any civilized society.

Do you know something the rest of us don’t? As the spouse of a CSA survivor, I can say that a manda3prison sentence would not have been a comfort to her.

As to the “inevitable rape” CSA has one of the lowest levels of recidivism of any crime.

US Supreme court argued recidivism is 80%. You really think such a high court would make shit up?

Can you cite your sources for the “mandatory life sentences” for raping a child in every state claim? Because it’s not at all true.

Of course, you also claim that the world is run by pedophiles. Seriously, how do you manage to hold all these conflicting delusions in the same head?

Incorrect. One Justice mentioned that percentage, but it is not backed up by actual statistics.


Jessicas laws. I’d check it out. Mandatory life w/ parole after decades in prison. If these laws were not effective, they would not have been created with such widespread use.

Yes they would. It’s an example of a law that feels good, but has lots of unintended consequences. Megan’s law, Kalee’s law, etc.

But 46 states? Yeah I doubt it. Jessicas laws were passed in 46 states though I assumed it was 50. either way close enough. 46 states pass an ineffective law? unlikely

Again, where are you getting these things? Jessica’s Law is a Florida state legislation that carries a mandatory 25 years in prison for certain sex crimes, not life. A.similar bill was presented before Congress in 2005, but it was never voted on, much less passed.

Well, you can look at CA’s law. Mandatory 15-life for oral rape of a minor, 25-life if it’s gential-genital penetration/made to penetrate. It’s not officially called Jessica’s Law, but it’s very much inspired by it. ALMOST ALL states have a law mandating mandatory life sentence with parole for rape of a child under a certain age.

None of those are mandatory life sentences. They simply have a life as a sentencing option for the judge.

That guy in prison for lending his car to his room mate who used it to commit a murder whilst the guy slept comes to mind.

That was in Florida too, I believe.



Sex with a Child Under the Age of 10 – California Penal Code Section 288.7

Under California Penal Code Section 288.7(a), it is illegal to engage in sexual intercourse or sodomy with a child under the age of 10. A conviction under Penal Code Section 288.7(a) is a felony punishable by 25 years to life in state prison.

Under California Penal Code Section 288.7(b), it is illegal to engage in oral copulation or sexually penetrate with a foreign object, a child under the age of 10. A conviction under Penal Code Section 288.7(b) is a felony punishable by 15 years to life in state prison.

It literally says its a life sentence.

It’s concerning for me to hear, that in the social circles you belong in, it’s only now that people began to realize this oblivious truth that all forms of child abuse are wrong.

What was the state before that process of growing consensus about this very simple fact looked like? Were the people in the social media groups you belong to convinced until very recent, that you can physically assault, burn the skin, break the bones, insult, gaslight, manipulate, spread rumors about, and otherwise hurt underage individuals is completely fine and normal, and shouldn’t be prevented, as long as no genitalia are involved in such acts?

Are those people the same types you referred to in this line?

Because it appears to me then, that it’s not the Prostasia that needs to change their opinion, but rather, individuals who only now have realized that child abuse is just as wrong and unacceptable as child sexual abuse, that still have a lot of personal development to do. It’s good to hear that there is at least some progress, it’s better than nothing.

As for this entry:

No, but people are imperfect and can do mistakes. They can also be biased and manipulate truth a little bit, in order to reach the desired goal. Kind of like you just did, using something you heard about without verifying it, to convince others that your proposed solution is the right one.

Reasons for which some information might be untrue or inaccurate are many, so it’s unnecessary to assume the most unlikely option as you did, in an effort to baselessly discredit the questioning of the argument you provided without any evidence.

It took me 5 seconds to verify that the information you provided as being false:

I wonder, seeing how easy it is for you to hold the full conviction about information that confirms your preexisting opinions, despite it taking less than 5 seconds to debunk, how much more informations you accepted as facts, without verifying them even a single time? How confident you can be about your stance and beliefs when you clearly don’t possess the critical thinking skills necessary to research the topics discussed.

It’s quite disturbing to see an individual who is so trigger-happy about murdering people based on his current level of frustration and personal perceptions being so easily convinced to the things he wants to believe, with a complete disregard for evidence or proper measures used in the justice system. Simply assuming things to be true, because he feels like they are true.

With each and every new post you make, I’m growing gradually more and more convinced, that the purpose of your activity on this forum, has nothing to do with either the topic of CSE or the topic of pedophilia itself - you simply don’t care about these issues.

None of your posts appears to address these problems and situations in a manner that would be productive for anyone, including you. You appear to treat this forum more like a news site comment section, expressing your outrage as a reaction to horrible news you just saw.

But other than that, you add nothing of value. You don’t provide pro-contact rhetoric that could be addressed and debunked by people in here, and you don’t enrich the pool of new ideas in regards to how we can improve the current state of affairs to reduce the amounts of child abuse of all kinds, not just sexual.

You essentially only provide noise, that distracts everyone from thinking about what is really important. Whenever it’s your intention or not, your efforts stifle the very cause you want to be perceived as being concerned with.

I don’t sense malice in your words, despite how surface-level, impulsive and immature your opinions are. You appear to be more like an immature person who seeks vengeance against an imaginary enemy - not a specific individual, but much rather, an abstract type of a person you created in your mind, with vague definition, easily applicable to many individuals.

Whenever this attitude is a result of you being deeply hurt in your past, suffering from anxiety, using rage as a coping mechanism, or whenever you are a psychopath seeking a socially acceptable excuse to feel justified in the joyful pleasure that comes from abusing “those who deserved it”, trying to find arguments that rationalize torture of individuals you will brand as “unworthy” based on your subjective view of them rather than the knowledge about these individuals, is and will be unknown to everyone.

But if there is one thing I’m sure of, is that you definitely struggle emotionally, and it’s unhealthy for you to persist in this state of constant outrage, spending copious amounts of time wasted on online forums, venting your frustration.

It’s fine to express your emotional distress with others once in a while, it’s a natural social mechanism. But you appear to be obsessed with that practice, and you try to involve other people in that process of dealing with your problems without concern for their will and agreement to listen to you.

My speculation is, that maybe you got yourself into an information echo chamber about the topic of CSE, being bombarded with new stories of child abuse, most likely with the narration of the 3rd parties, trying to engage you emotionally to monetize your attention, presenting even minuscule information in an exaggurated way, or downright fabricating lies, only to keep you in a state of constant panic and perception that “pedophilia is spreading”, simply because it’s an effective method to garner peoples focus.

Once again, I don’t know you, so I cannot know that for sure. If it’s however the case, then take this friendly advice: block the social media platforms and sites you have a habit of spending your time on. Use the free time you get by doing so for other activities: spending your time with your family, helping your friends, watching movies, doing sports - anything that doesn’t involve listening to world problems, which you can’t solve alone either way.

Try to keep it up for a couple of months, until you completely lose the feeling of anxiety, being relaxed instead. Maybe in the meantime, you will get some good ideas that actually could yield positive results, in which case you can go back on this forum, and express them for a civil discussion.

Because right now, I’m worried you will only continue wasting everyone’s time, including your own, on the pointless expression of your wishful thinking.

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No, it says 25 to life and 15 to life. That’s not in any way a mandatory life sentence. Seriously man, what’s wrong with you?

You don’t understand legal terminology dude. 15-life is considered a life sentence… 25-life is considered a life sentence. It means life with the earliest parole after 15 years and 25 years! I never said mandatory life without parole. I’m ok with either mandatory life without parole or life after 15 years. But they are both life sentences, it’s just that one carries eligibility for parole after 15 years and the other doesnt.

Evidently, neither do you.


My, somebody’s backpedaling furiously, hmmm? Again, the examples you cited are sentencing guidelines, not mandatory.