Coronavirus Effects

Being locked up can be ruinous to anyone’s mental health.

I saw an individual who had POCD before the outbreak. They never went outside, rarely talked to other human beings, and only their parents for short durations. It is no wonder they became a sex addict and had a hard time breaking out of it.

Going outside for a walk is very important for your mental well-being. Failing that, standing up can stimulate your cognitive facilities. It is important to take a break from computers once a hour and to go do something else.

Much Vitamin D is produced by being in contact with sunlight. Being locked up can cause Vitamin D deficiency which can lead to cognitive and hormonal deficits which can have additional negative mental effects. In the worst case, you may need a supplement? Consult a doctor.

We have already seen crime rates in the home and online going up dramatically with the turn of the outbreak and some groups are already poised to exploit this to render harm to our civil liberties.