Could regulating the sex industry have a positive impact on sex crimes?

I read an article once in which the author talked about why the sex industry is so seedy, corrupt and disorganized. They cited the reason as a lack of federal influence in the sex industry, federal influence exists in all industries although you could argue that it is fading. The sex industry has never had sufficient federal influence or regulation because the federal government was never willing to offer any type of support to such an industry due to its seemingly inherent sexphobia.

You could argue that normal labor laws apply to all fields of labor but they have never been sufficiently enforced in regards to sex work. The author believed that if the federal government actually stepped in to regulate the sex industry, it would improve it and due to the U.S.A’s economic power, a major change in the American sex industry would create a positive ripple effect leading to improved lives for sex workers, less immoral material and less shady porn sites.

I found this article interesting and agreed with the author and I have become convinced that government regulation of the sex industry could probably do a great deal of positive work. Do you agree?

What I hear quite often from sex workers themselves is that regulating sex workers is a non-working solution because the same policing attitudes towards sex work are still present, and now are being used to boss sex workers around.

And to be honest, the United States government especially is particularly terrible at regulating things in a way that protects civil rights, privacy, and sex positivity. For the kind of solution you are proposing to work, we need about two decades worth of sex-positive change to American culture, if not more. We are simply not in a place where that kind of solution is workable yet. We need to get over the sex hysteria first.

Yeah, your right. A government change would be needed first, then a social change. But either way if this happened, I think a regulated sex industry could still improve things.