Criminal Justice Reform around Sex Offenses and Compromise

So… There seems to be a lot of evidence that bloated sex offender registries aren’t very useful and public registries are counter productive. We will and probably should remove all the low risk ones. I read cops spend 2/3ds of their SOR budget on paperwork for low risk types. Not a good use of funds really. Another idea: Maybe keep the registry only for rape of a person under 18 who was 21 or older at the time of the crime and producers of child sexual abuse material? SOR originally started out as being for the worst of the worse than they started including anything sexually related.

There is also evidence that therapist and patient confidentiality is quite useful for some cases. There also does appear to be some sentencing guidelines for some non-contact offenses which do not appear to be driven by data but by outrage. A lot of our guideline laws probably need to be rewritten. For example, the sentencing guidelines for 1466A which INCLUDES fictional works carry harsher sentencing guidelines than literal sexual assault on a child. Makes no sense. Child molestation and rape of under 18s should carry far far longer sentences than non production and non-contact offenses.

Problem is this will lead to us appearing soft on crime which isn’t popular. To balance, I would suggest we sacrifice the worst criminals. Any comprehensive reform IMHO needs a tough line if it has any chance of passing. I suggest the following:

Penalty for Aggravated Rape of a child under 12 if the defendant at the time of the offense was age 21 or older. Mandatory minimum of 50 years-life with a minimum of 35 years spent in solitary confinement with a maximum of life without parole in solitary confinement. Will also carry a Mandatory surgical castration of the testicles and the penis of the offender. Status of limitations shall be 70 years or non existent for this offense.