Criminalize the use of VPNs and TOR

I don’t see any way to arrest our way out of the issue of child sexual abuse if we don’t do this. Maybe nonce groomers would think fucking twice if no one is able to access a VPN or TOR. Ban this crap. We need to make it illegal for anyone to use a VPN or TOR without prior approval.

This is never going to happen and you know it. That’s a good way of making everybody mad.


VPNs and Tor are used by whistleblowers, journalists, people in countries like China with heavily censored internet, and average everyday people who just care about their privacy on the internet.

Banning these would be a massive blow to human rights and privacy, and wouldn’t stop people accessing illegal material. People would write open source software, which would be impossible to ban or regulate. Or they’d just use other methods, like they do currently.

If we want to deal with illegal materials then the best thing to do is address the demand.


Eh… no. I can see why you’d think that’d be justified, but it’s not. You shouldn’t criminalize something just because it can be misused.

Just by reading your post, it’s obvious you don’t have a background in IT, nor do you seem to be all that much computer literate. The implications behind regulating encryption technology go much farther and deeper than what you think it is. A media server, or any network that a third party could remotely log in to is technically a VPN. Your home network where data is shared between devices, such as smart home devices, computers, game consoles, home security cameras, etc could be considered a VPN. And encrypting the data is a must if you wish to maintain any modicum of privacy or security.

Privacy on the internet is, in my opinion, a right. People should be allowed to browse and use the internet securely, safely, and privately without fear of surveillance, censorship, or punishment if we’re to maintain a free society in this data-driven age.
The fact that such technology could be misused by criminals does not justify restriction, especially when it may affect or impede the good aspects of such technology.

It’s unfortunate that CSAM is allowed to proliferate, but technology is being developed by tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook to implement image hash checking to automatically detect, remove, and report CSAM from their platforms, as well as the internet as a whole. The need to ban or regulate anonymity software such as VPNs, AES encryption, and Tor will become moot.


Even if you banned software anyone with a bit of tech knowledge can create their own VPN server at home , there are step by step guides on making your own VPN.

It would be like banning chocolate cakes but still being able to buy flour , eggs, sugar and cocoa etc.


I went to a conference in Istanbul one time and it turned out the Turks had blocked YouTube because some official decided something there was insulting to Turkey. I had to load up Tor just to see a YouTube I wanted to see. That’s what people have to deal with in this world. Ranters can never be allowed to facilitate dictators and despots.


I was groomed on a clearnet website without a vpn. I think it is very niave to take away peoples freedom to use the internet simply because our western view of tor or vpns makes us believe that it is solely for spreading child porn.