CSAM in Germany: "Hardly any time left to pursue real crimes"

“Less punishment” is a funny one. To fictions, even the lightest sentence under the name of CSA is absurd. All governments enforcing laws against fictions will take their own medicine, just like how Korea is suffering now.

The World of ‘Minority Report’ Lived in South Korea

It will be depressing if the world takes too long to realize the fault of stigmatization and overdone censorship. I strongly hope we can enjoy the fruit of our effort on combating hypocrisy when we are still young enough to.


“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” — Greek Proverb

It is depressing to think or know that we won’t be around to enjoy the fruits of our labor, but such is life. We must have faith that things will get better, even if we die before seeing it. If we believe that not seeing the end to all our work makes it meaningless, then we may as well give up now and not even bother, ensuring future generations will continue to carry our struggles.

To be frank, despite my suicidal tendencies I have a great fear of death. Or perhaps I am afraid of what comes after. I’m desperate to live for as long as I can. If life-extending medicines and technologies are developed within my lifetime and I’m able to get my hands on it, I will do so voraciously. To stave off death for centuries, millennia, forever maybe. An unrealistic dream, but a dream I have nonetheless.

Ah, but immortality would have its caveats: many would argue that death breeds progress. The old dying and taking their outdated views and practices with them allows the young to flourish, no longer stunted under the limiting shadows of their elders. If I woke up tomorrow 500 years in the future, I would be considered a monster! Not for my pedophilia, but because I eat meat! Future generations will consider us barbaric savages for a number of reasons.

Uh, yeah, so don’t feel too bad about not living to see progress. It comes at a cost, or sacrifice if you will.


But I’m not a fan of following the dreams of the dead either. I prefer following my own personal dreams. This also means that I expect others to be the same.

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Immortality sounds like torture, to be honest.

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The constant fear of death and the unknown is torture in and of itself! I suppose it would be a “pick your poison” situation.


Depends on if you have some passion that you can pursue for eternity.


I think the issue with that is the idea that eventually you’d get sick of it. If you lived forever and got to experience everything until there was nothing left to do, you might wind up suffering from crushing boredom for all eternity. Or seeing your loved ones grow old and die while you lived on and on and on. Many stories about immortality have tackled the struggle between the boredom of immortality and the fear of death.

Peter Pan does this well. Pan is a tragic figure, unable to grow up and emotionally stunted for it. Meanwhile, Hook fears death and is constantly reminded of his time (literally) running out by the ticking of the crocodile.

Of course, seeing as how humanity hasn’t yet achieved immortality, such stories depicting immortality as a bad or undesirable thing comes off as sour grapes:

Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked ‘Oh, you aren’t even ripe yet! I don’t need any sour grapes.’ People who speak disparagingly of things that they cannot attain would do well to apply this story to themselves.


One issue is that politicians fear being labeled sympathizers. One doesn’t need to be a sympathizer to adhere to principles. Punishing for something harmless doesn’t make sense when, of course, there’s no harm to punish for.

Needless to say, that fear has been leveraged to pass laws that punish folks for failing to feel more protective of a doll or cartoon than of a broom even though one would be found loony for doing so. The idea is to isolate a group and punish them with no regard for fairness.

Effectively, doll laws and cartoon laws punish for failing to be loony.


There’s always new things so long as existences goes. As for friends… Get more durable friends, LOL. Or in the case of vampires, make them yourself.


without more context, the number and the way they change over time dont tell you much.

note note that different countries define rape differently , and people in different cultures may also report abuse at a different rate.
japan does have issues with its laws on rape:

The law still permits rape charges to be raised only when “violence or intimidation” was used, except in cases of guardians abusing children. This requirement ignores the fact that rape often occurs without the use of obvious force or threat - for example, when someone is too afraid or shocked to resist, is incapacitated due to drugs or alcohol, or there is a lopsided power dynamic. Requiring proof of “violence or intimidation” excludes many cases that should be treated as rape and forces prosecutors to prove an element that should not be required and is more difficult to prove than lack of consent.

thhe quotes from this article: https://www.hrw.org/news/2018/07/29/japans-not-so-secret-shame


sure but as that quote says this does not hold true for children. The point most important here.
Further more the trend continues to fit even when taking things closer together. For example Germany has significantly lower abuse numbers / 100K Pop compared to the UK. While generally having less severe laws dealing with drawings / 3D renders.

When Denmark / Czech Republic legalized CSAM the amount of rape that occurred fell too. That of cause is no reason to leaglize CSAM as that still hurts the Child involved in the production. But it speaks against the “step towards escalation” Argument.


I don’t disagree. What different cultures may define as sexual assault/rape can vary, and the culture surrounding the shame and stigma of being assaulting (thus discouraging reporting) can be quite the obstacle to overcome. For many years, Japanese train molesters (chikan) have been infamous. They take advantage of the fact their victims can’t get away or defend themselves without causing a scene. Japanese police infamously told victims to just… take it, to wait for the first opportunity to get off the train and head straight to the police. Combine this with Japan’s “honor” culture, and you have a recipe for bad shit getting swept under the rug (bullying and organized crime can be huge problems in Japan because Japanese culture promotes minding your own business. If you see a sex crime or bullying or whatever, don’t get involved. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t disrupt societal harmony).

However, I think the numbers still speak for themselves. The number difference is so huge that, even if we consider everything that could be remotely considering a sex crime, I’d wager that number would still show a huge discrepancy. Regardless, the point of bringing up such statistics here is to demonstrate that the presence of lolicon and child sex dolls has little to no effect on the rates of rape and child molestation. Japan originates these things yet even their highest rates are quite low.

I’m not arguing that Japan is perfect. As a man of Korean descent, I can give you paragraph after paragraph on the many ways Japan sucks and isn’t nearly as awesome as everyone thinks. Japan has her problems like any other nation. Japan is still overall a much cleaner and safer place than most. The best parts of Japanese culture are absolutely worth emulating.


If those foreign business is complaining about “emotional distress” due to Japanese people only speaking Japanese in Japan, then maybe they shouldn’t be there:

When in Rome, you better do as the Romans do. Otherwise, see the crosses.

Ministry of Justice said they are now completely reverting the reform from 2021 where they increased penalties for CSAM.

It will be back to its old state allowing LE to be dropping charges and sentencing through mail. Only thing that stays is the maximum possible penalty for distribution. One reason was also that it made no sense that CSAM is punished harsher than Human trafficking and beating children to the verge of death & attempted rape of a minor.

Since the papers are not public yet I am unable to say if anything else might have changed. Should be in the following weeks.

In short: it took them lots of peoples ruined lives for reporting CSAM to police (must have seen/possesed it to know its existence) to realize they fucked up.

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Germany needs to limit their prohibition on materials which involve or depict real people, not fictional characters. This also applies to sex dolls.


You need to give credit where credit is due tbh. It is historically very uncommon to lower penalties for crimes especially sexual offenses regarding children.

They had to make a new law to update the law and it is now being passed around internally to the different ministries. Afterwards there will be another opportunity for the experts to comment on it. Who knows what it all already includes and what might change? I personally see no chance to change it, because the only thing really banned is public and commercial distribution. They would need to also allow public distro of gore and other violent stuff to keep it logical.

Not quite, they are only reverting the minimum sentences, the maximum sentences remain the same. Also, as far as we know they will leave all other contents of the 2021 reform untouched, so child dolls especially will remain illegal.

Really the ministry is only doing the absolute minimum to keep the justice system from collapsing, and even that took them over a year because the minister of justice was apparently terrified to touch this subject.

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I will tell you how this reform will pass:

  1. Internal gov. hearings from all the ministries. They will pass it off as good.
  2. Expert hearings. They will ask for more relaxation including touching other topics of sexual offending.
  3. None of that will be heard and the law passes with the words: “CSAM is a serious crime”.

Government can now feel wholesome.

I have always advocated to report every drawing possible to the authorities. There will never be change in those countries, because why would someone touch such sensitive topics otherwise.

I have probably reported a german doll distributor/manufacturer countless times, because they sell japanese onaholes and anime-style torsos saying stuff like “Underdeveloped body”. Nothing has happened yet.

Just keep reporting even if you are a foreigner.

Overwhelming reporting systems with false reports is what antis do. People who actually care about real children need to be better than that


Draft was published yesterday. They just lowered the penalties and also kept the exception for fiction, so nothing basically changes on that front.

What I find interesting is that one of their reasons for lowering the penalties is that some of the offenders are not pedophiles lmao.

Because here, too, the perpetrators are usually not pedophiles.

The only thing that should matter is if you willingly wanted to access that material. They also did not mention that perhaps a one year sentence for a single AI generated Image, or adult actors who look young is too much. If this law did not target non-pedophiles then they would have not bothered.