Cuties to be labeled contraband upon review by the ACB

Let’s hope it happens. Netflix should be prosecuted without a doubt.

This application for review dates back to October and was made by the Australian Christian Lobby, and was dismissed. Netflix has already been prosecuted in Texas, but since most legal experts agree that the film isn’t child pornography, it is almost certain to fail in court.

The way that tweens express their emerging sexuality, and how culture and peer pressure impacts on that, is a worthy topic to cover, and Maïmouna Doucouré, the Black immigrant female director who made this award-winning film, drew upon her own experience to tell the story. That doesn’t mean that she necessarily made the right decision by asking its young actors to perform sexualized dance moves, especially in light of the damage done to those actors on social media by protestors posting its most sensitive scenes without context.

We published a review of Cuties in this newsletter which explores the problems with the film and its reception in more detail.

So by your words dopeko, the standard of Australia, by the verdict of the classification board that you so strongly love, declared Cuties as moral, allowed to be distributed, and not harming every Australian’s mind, despite it having real children performing what by many was interpreted as overly sexually suggestive acts arousing to pedophiles, but the same acts, depicted without humiliating real children, with artificial methods as drawing or computer graphics, is immoral, shouldn’t be allowed to be distributed, and does hurt Australian’s minds, right?

I don’t really know if there is a way to get out of cognitive dissonance as this one. But I’m curious about your response.