Dear Human, I am a Vegan Wolf - A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

It is the worst feeling to be judged as something you know you are not, but appear to be because of an imposed label stamped onto your character against your will for your interests in self-interest.

To be called a monster because you physically wear the clothes that one would, despite being vastly different mentally.

To be called a monster because you wrote a horrific novel, despite donating half the earnings to charity.

To be called a monster because you painted something disastrous, despite its meaning of locking one’s own ideas and desires, whether bright or dark, into a canvas, rather than allowing them to run wild and consume the artist and all others.

To be called a monster because you created a naked puppet who appears uncomfortably too young to those with closed eyes that cannot see that it is a mere sculpture, and not real a person.

We become the monster in the eyes of those who can only think contrary to you, because, after all, they are not you.

This is my world, too. Just because something I have is tainted in your own mind, causing me to appear tainted, does not automatically make your judgement true, because not only are you not me, you never even tried to be me.

Things that are so human-like becomes far too close to home and personal to us. If the sex dolls were modeled after giant insects, animals, or fictional creatures, or even the idols of gods, they would be perfectly fine. We feel as if we are losing control of our future at all times. We fear it. We fear ourselves. We know we are our own worst enemy. We know we are the cause of our own ending. We like to believe we are doing good deeds, even when we end up condemning an entire group of minorities, as long as the act appeals to the majority. But what of the result where a few injustices are justified by the limitations of merely “doing the best we can do”, since we are imperfect?

There is a difference between being a strange person, and being a cruel person. I even empathize with you for wanting to do the right things, because unlike you, I have no problem putting myself into the perspective of others and becoming them entirely, so that I can find the diamond in the rough in their mind, the piece of rationality and justification that drives one into forming beliefs, making decisions, and finally, writing our laws.

You want to protect by prevention for the stability and continuity of our future. You want to endorse that we are all guilty until proven innocent. In order to do that, you must demonize harmless objects that cannot harm in order to ban them by blaming the potentiality of actions that could result, rather testing the consistency of actions or results. Then, you can prosecute all of the people who collect these now “bad” things, for hopes of a better world with reduced human abuse and trafficking.

Make no mistake, I support the reason: to protect and serve our own. But I do not support any of the methods that require sacrifice to do so. Sacrifice of life, personhood, and well-being. I especially do not support decisions made where it is irrelevant to you whether the person in shackles is naturally reserved and creative, or naturally forceful and destructive. Do not ban water because a different structure of water destroyed your home.

I understand there is no right or wrong, and no good or evil in nature. We humans have created those things based on fear and optimal survival to establish security, order, balance, and ultimately, peace. A human cannot go to Africa and tell a lion it is wrong to eat a gazelle. But a human can impose a law to capture or kill the lion so that it will not eat a gazelle.

But what of the other lions who do not desire the the taste of gazelle? They too will be captured or killed as they are seen no different, because we did not bother to observe before we imposed the law, because we assume all lions behave the same, because they look the same, and must be the same. There is a great quote about a book and its cover that we assume never needs to be quoted, for it speaks for itself.

Then the human-imposed law arrives punctually to destroys this freedom of catering to the individual who prioritizes the independent self, leaving them with the mental disease of being a criminal simply because it is etched onto their character by a chisel owned and passed around by others.

If we have come to the conclusion to judge the fate of another’s character based not on how they actually treat others, but by the private objects that they buy for themselves, then exactly here is where we will find the beginning of our end.

As sad as this may sound, I can do nothing but only forgive, for allowing things that are created with good intentions to be forced to become things that are bad. This world is slowly being flipped upside down like an hour glass. So slowly, no one seems to notice.

One always wishes that stories have a happy ending. We are the exception to our own hopes and dreams. Things are not going to be okay from this point, because we have gone too far adrift.

I am sorry for my pessimism, just as I am sorry for my crimes of honesty and compassion.


You don’t understand the logic. It isn’t the objects causing individuals to do things, this is a legal fiction. It is that individuals who commit certain acts have already committed other acts (NYTimes) and they want to punish them for these acts. This is why the thought crime slope only gets steeper and steeper.

It is a blatant violation of due process and probable cause, disguised with a thin legal fiction to pretend they have democracy and freedom on their side. It is also completely wrong, because it is based on loaded studies conducted by people I could trust less, or in other cases, based purely on an assumption.