Debunking a bigot

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The only thing you need to do to look reasonably good is to take care of yourself and not go out of your way to look provocative. All you need to do is to look physically healthy, wear clothing that is in good repair and isn’t tacky, and behave like a well-adjusted individual. Sounds easy enough for most people. It’s not difficult to practice basic hygiene and tidy your hair up. It’s not difficult to dress up in something non-objectionable that normies dress up in (and if you absolutely MUST find an occasion when dressing up in something flamboyant is appropriate, by all means, do so, there’s a time and a place for everything). It’s not difficult to go outside and go for a walk to burn some calories off, or not consume more calories than what is needed. A failure to do any of these things indicates laziness, a lack of self-restraint, narcissism/self-centeredness, or worst case scenario, mental illness. And thus we judge them to be “ugly.”

How about discrimination? Likewise, you he is conflating morals with appearance which is fallicious.

And yes, while you’d think it would be easy for most people, it’s apparently difficult for the average leftist, since they act like these standards are somehow “oppressive.” It’s so difficult for most leftists, that they actually felt the need to give (poorly thought out) instructions on how to dress while attending Matt Walsh’s speaking event in order to blend in

Yes, apparently having shitty fashion sense is intrinsic to being queer, and anything that would require you to not dress like a shithead is oppressive.

Even though, you know, that kind of crap is self-evident to normal people. How to blend in and not look like a fucking lunatic.

Sigh…I will get back to that in a minute

Crossdressing in of itself doesn’t even make all that much sense, when you realize that such clothing is literally tailor-made to fit the different body shapes of men and women, which FURTHER drills in the point of how wrong it is. There might be some men who take interest in things that would be seen as “girly,” or tomboys, or women who take interest in things seen as “masculine.” But that by itself isn’t enough to visually erase any distinction between male or female. Even they still wear clothing intended for their sex.

A male, with clearly masculine features, wearing clothing not intended for him. Or vice versa. The amount of dissonance involved is enough to set off alarm bells in your head.

There’s a damned good reason why androgyny is associated with ugliness. People who display no positive attributes associated with either sex, as I mentioned in a previous post, are ugly. Humans are biologically wired to be able to tell a male from a female simply by looking at someone. In the cases where we can’t do that, either because the person in question went out of their way to obfuscate it or really is that deformed, the biologically hardwired response is naturally disgust, since it goes against what we instinctively know to be true.

And even in the vast majority of cases where the deception is almost immediately obvious, it still sets off our primal instincts, and even indicates that something else is seriously wrong. What could possibly be RIGHT about a man who is incredibly hairy all over, has a deep voice, has a square chin, and broad shoulders, and yet STILL dresses up in women’s clothes, even ironically? At best, it looks ridiculous, and at worst, it’s vomit inducing. In such cases, cross-dressing is cringy for the same reason why clown makeup is cringy. It warps the human form into something that only vaguely resembles a human being.

OK, first off he is invoking a fallacy.

Second because sex is bimodal, his naïve understand of phenotype runs into problems when gender steryotpyes get involved. Even if a person doesn’t crossdress, if his/her face or height is off by some preconceived standard, then this can lead to terrible discrimination and bullying:

Gender non-conforming children are much more likely to be bullied than their counterparts, as they are often perceived as different. Until the first day they are bullied, some kids may not have realised that they are different. Perhaps girl walks “like a boy”; perhaps a boy talks “like a girl”. They feel frightened and shocked when it’s brought to their attention that they have been judged and deemed “different” by a pack of bullies who want to destroy them.

And considering how homophobic Matt Walsh’s crowds tend to be, not standing out even slightly is important. Hence the need to pass.

Crossdressing overlaps with troonism, which we already know to be unhealthy and wrong.

We are already biologically predisposed to be repulsed by any attempt made to blur (or outright eliminate) the differences between male and female, to the point where even putting on clothing intended for the opposite sex will trigger that fear/disgust response. And contrary to what leftists will tell you, there’s a damned good reason for that. Nothing good can come from willfully ignoring the differences between men and women.

This is some bs

For instance, dating, romance, sexuality. Most people, like it or not, will much rather date someone who looks reasonably healthy for their sex.

Androgyny, at best, indicates poor physical health and/or infertility. At worst, it indicates an attempt at deception.

This assumes that the traits of ‘male’ and ‘female’ are 100% separate things…they are not

Here I record how he says “intersex is not the same as being trans”…which makes me wonder if he thinks intersex people are inherently deceptive? If anything that is how we had people like John Money.

This is especially true within the “trap” subculture, where the goal is to pass as a female as much as possible, usually without the use of surgery or HRT. This is especially in regard to trying to “trap” straight men or lesbian women.

Even if the people who practice such a lifestyle don’t actually go that far, the implication is every bit as horrifying as you think it is. It’s horrifying because the LGBTQ community doesn’t see anything wrong with rape by deception. They already believe that being a sex pest is intrinsic to being LGBTQ, and so they will call you a “homophobe” or “transphobe” if you call them out on such behavior.

Ah I see…he thinks that they are intentionally being deceptive…

Tell that to all the accepted non-binanry subcultures throughout history. They were accepted. So can he explain that?

They already believe that crossdressing men and troons have the right to rape lesbian women and straight men, or in the very least, sexually harass them.

I should note that he has an article showing that ciswomen are rapists as well. It’s almost as if gender noncomformity and being a rapist are unrelated.

Making fun of people for supposedly being “gay” for being entrapped by some disgusting pervert in a dress is a big part of their rape culture. But to them, it’s funny because he deserves it for being a meanie homophobe/transphobe, dontcha know. Gays and trannies are allowed to engage in punitive rape against people they don’t like, dontcha know.

If all this shit makes you too paranoid to date anyone, hahaha, suck it loser. Eat our girlcocks, UwU.

Citation needed.

The good news is, it’s usually obvious. The bad news is, they’re flooding lesbian dating apps and making it much harder to find actual women, as opposed to disgusting autogynephiles.

Autogynephilia is bogus. Nice try though.

It’s important elsewhere too. In the field of medicine, there have been people who have actually DIED because the doctors were kept ignorant about their biological sex, which was apparently very important information to have for their particular conditions.

It isn’t hard to find instances of people who have gotten seriously hurt because society was retarded enough to believe it was a good idea to blur the line between male and female, or remove it altogether.

Hmmm…I wonder why. Gee it’s almost as if they have a reason to be scared of revealing that they are trans.

So how does this relate to crossdressing? Well think about it. Troonism is incredibly horrifying, even at a primal level, and crossdressing would be perceived as getting uncomfortably close to it. We instinctively know that transgenderism is degenerate and extremely harmful, and we don’t even want to go anywhere near it. Our primal monkey-brains scream in horror when others do. And on top of that, there is no sympathetic reason to crossdress.

In short he is begging the question to justify his disgust.

And in the vast majority of cases crossdressers aren’t even trying to make people laugh, they’re trying to provoke ANY reaction out of people. Like the two gay teenagers who were intentionally being loud and vulgar in public so that they could provoke a negative response out of someone and get a dopamine rush out of ruining their life on social media. Or Larry King when he harassed and baited another maladjusted teen boy named Brandon McInerney, who eventually got fed up with him enough to murder him. Or that one sick fuck who went into a woman’s crisis center solely to harass the women inside.

He is lying about the first two. For the second one he ignores how the smug bigot kept following the guy in the dress as he was leaving and was insulting him behind his back…and here is the full story so much for baiting.

Hell, take a look at Alok Vaid Menon. An incredibly narcissistic, disgusting fuck who is obsessed with looking as ugly and as subhuman as possible. And as such, I’m not even going to honor this piece of shit with pronouns used to refer to people. If it wanted to be treated like a human being, it should start acting like one. Simple.

And what is he doing wrong than being ugly in your eyes? Why must people look good for your benefit?

Now what is your first impression when you look at this….thing……that has the audacity to call itself a human being? You might think it looks like a sexual degenerate, or even an outright predator or pedophile. And if you guessed that, you’re absolutely correct! Because Alok has defended pedophilia before. If it ends up on the sex offender registry, don’t be surprised.

Off corse all he does is use a cherry-picked version to lie about what Alok really said to smear the drag queen as a pedo.

Simply by looking at it, you could already correctly guess that Alok was a potentially dangerous predator, even before ever reading the shit that it spouted on little girls being “kinky.”

And this guy likes to make itself look INTENTIONALLY hideous. As much as many of us like to talk about “inner beauty,” the external ugliness of such people is a mere reflection of how rotten they are on the inside as well.

Off course he missed the entire point…

Or the time when Big Joel outed himself as a pedophile by doubling down on his insistence that children should be exposed to naked men wearing kink outfits at gay pride, and his crossdressing friend Thought Slime doubled down and defended him?

I must point out that anti-“groomers” like The Quartering or Libs of TikTok, the founder of Kiwifarms, and the GOP are blatantly ok with pedophilia and grooming. And then there is the church. No crossdressing here.

Now there is alot that can be said about exposing children to kink…but there is also the idea of sex. ed.

Crossdressing husbands also tend to be rather abusive and misogynistic. Quite fitting, since crossdressers tend to emphasize the most stereotypical, or even outright insulting, notions of what it’s like to be the opposite sex.

He links to two videos on the widowes of trans people. Now he is just conflating the two concepts. Not to mention that the bible demeans women as well.

There’s a reason that whenever we see a crossdresser, we subconsciously think that person might be a rapist or a serial killer. He probably is one.

Pointing out single events is not the same as providing statictics to prove your point.

It seems like God, or evolution or whatever, had a very wise purpose in instilling in us the uncanny valley effect. The uncanny valley makes it easier for us to perceive if someone is ill, physically or mentally, and to either avoid them or get them help. Even in the unlikely event that aliens invade and attempt to disguise themselves as human in order to spy on us, we’ll be able to sniff them out and blow their slimy brains all over the walls.

As early as Old Testament times, humans have recognized that a person’s mere countenance can give off uncomfortable vibes that indicates something horribly wrong. That’s Isaiah 3:9 in case you were wondering.

Ah yes that bastion of scientific truth. And remember what I said on it’s position of women above?

Crossdressers are very ill people. Potentially dangerous, even. And it seems like thousands of years of human experience has instilled that knowledge in our primal monkey brains.

At best, crossdressing is indicative of narcissism and being an attention whore. At worst, it’s indicative of someone who is predatory or otherwise dangerous. It is never done as a form of innocent self-expression.

And I dare you to tell me otherwise.

Well all the pedophiles I mentioned don’t fit into your steryotpes. Seems like your advice is bs at finding pedophiles. In fact they seem to prey on gender noncomforming people