DEBUNKING: False claims against me and Prostasia

I saw someone who took my words out of context, and tried to ruin the reputation of Prostasia, by pretending Prostasia is supporting pedophiles on the forum.

NOTE ===> The false claims will be THICKENED.

Here is the photo i saw uploaded as “asnwer” to one of my posts here on this forum.

LINK TO THE PHOTO: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Now, im starting to debunk the lies:

"this user is a crazy conspiracy theorist who think pedophilia is a myth"

This claim is about me. This claim is false. Im NOT “a crazy conspiracy theorist”, and i didn’t say pedophilia is a myth.

What i said? I said pedophilia is surrounded by myths and stereotypes that create distraction from the reality, and further stigmatize innocent people. I also said that if someone want to convince me that pedophilia is a disease, this “someone” must provide evidence of the existence of genetic mutations that lead to brain changes that lead to dysfunction. I want to see evidence of dysfunction.

"they believe that “far-right evangelicals” are against pedophilia"

I didn’t say that only the far-right evangelical fundamentalsts areagainst pedophilia. However, i mentioned only them, because they are the majority of haters who hate minor-attracted people. As i said earlier, religion, and the belief of children being devine energies sent by god, is the main source of hate against minor-attracted people. Why is that? Because if you believe that children are innocent, devine energy, and you believe that sex is dirty, evil sin that only Satan loves, then it’s logical to think that pedophilia is something that must be destroyed, and all pedophiles killed, as religious people (fundamentalists) say on social media. When i check anti-pedophilia comments, the majority of these comments is coming from religious people. This is why i think that the main source of hate against MAPS, is religious fundamentalism. However, i know there are non-religious people who hate MAPS, but the number of these people, and the amount of their activity, is much smaller than the activity of religious fundamentalists.

LOL at the term sex-fascism

When i use the term “sex-fascism”, i mean ideologies or laws that restrict or stigmatize sexual activity. By “sex-fascism”, i mean sex-negativism. In my opinion, SOR (Sex Offender registry) is very fascist thing. The ideology behind the SOR, is all about stigmatization, marginalization, and demonization. The SOR leads to violations of human rights, while provide no safety. The SOR is based on bad science. The SOR is inconsistent with all evidence. The SOR is defended against all evidence. All human rights organization have the same statements about teh SOR - they all agree on the idea that the registry should be abolished, because it doesnt work, and violate human rights. Laws against sex work can be considered fascist too.

"they want all anti-MAPs silenced"

I don’t want all anti-maps silenced. I want harmful ideologies to be silenced. If your claims contribute to violation of human rights, you should be silenced/censored. Targeted harassment should be censored. When your voice is calling for harm, then your voice should be silenced.

If you are hater who wants to hate MAPS, that’s fine, but don’t make other people to hate MAPS. I already explained that MAPS are normal humans like everyone else.

You are free to hate MAPS. But you should not use lies and myths to make MAPS to look like monsters, so you can make other pople to hate MAPS. Im against the lies the anti-MAPS spread.

"these child predators manchildren are beyond entitled if they think they are the only people who should be allowed to speak"

No, i don’t believe that. I believe everyone should be allowed to speak, if they don’t use lies and myths to stigmatize innocent people, and to direct hate towards people.

"these people are dangerous lunatics who want free speech only for pedophiles"

Free speech doesnt mean that you can use lies and myths to demonize people, and to direct hate towards people. If you want to express your opinion, express it. But dont use lies and un-true claims to make someone to look like monster. Don’t call all pedophiles, rapists, because this myth is debunked. This is a myth i will give as an example of putting everyone under the same label. No, it is not true pedophiles are rapists. All statistics say otherwise. The majority of rape against children are performed not by your stereotypical “pedophile”.

Also, i explained that raping children doesnt make you a pedophile. Pedophilia has strict definition. If you are a 50 years old, for example, and you are a 15 years old, this doesnt make you a pedophile, because pedophilia is attraction to pre-pubescent individuals. Even if you rape prepubescent person, you still wont be classified as a pedophile, if you DON’T meet the criteria of pedophilia.

Don’t change the meaning of the words, because it’s meaningless. In the scientific community, words have strict meaning. When a study is performed, all words are with strict definition, AND NEVER LOOSELY USED! If you use words loosely, this will lead to chaos in the understanding of the situation.

Prostasia is either a troll organization or its supporters have gone off the rails

None of this is true.

there is 99% chance this dude’s computer is full of CP because in all his other posts he says there is no problem with minors producing CP

The concept of “CSEM” is very loosely used concept, so i cant give good answer to this, since i dont know what they mean by “CP”.

However, i will say that i personally think that charging minors for such things is pointless and bad. It’s bad, because it can put them on the SOR. Being put on the SOR for something like this, is a sign of non-mature justice system that works towards destruction, but never towards real justice.

The SOR can ruin your life, no matter how old you are. Yes, minors can be registered on the SOR too, which will harm them a lot.

Here are some articles about that. READ IT CAREFULLY!!!

Article 1 - The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the US | HRW

Article 2 - US: Sex Offender Laws May Do More Harm Than Good | Human Rights Watch

Article 3 - Sex Offenders Aren’t All Monsters | Human Rights Watch

Link number 4 - What You Need to Know About the Sex Offender Registry Act (SORA) | ACLU of Michigan

I cant give you all link from the internet, obviously. If you need more information about the SOR, find it by yourself by using search engine.

they want the sex registry abolished

Yes, i want the sex registry abolished. I have made deep research, so i already know it should be abolished. I know the SOR is based on fear, emotions, and stereotypes, but never the truth. The SOR doesnt help, it just violates human rights.

Watch this debate for more information: Should We Abolish the Sex Offender Registry? A Debate. - YouTube

these people are shameless in their support of child rapist

I NEVER SAID I SUPPORT CHILD RAPISTS! If you believe i said i support child rapist, show me the evidence that proves i support such things. You can’t show any evidence, because i never said i support child abuse. I will repeat it again: I DONT SUPPORT CHILD ABUSE!

they believe adults who pray on children are innocnt victims

I already said that i dont support child rapists.

Prostasia is making no attemp to hide the fact they support removing safeguards that support children

This myth about Prostasia is not new. I have seen it on social media many times. The truth, is that there is no evidence Prostasia is trying to remove safeguards for children.

Prostasia is against bills such as SISEA, SESTA-FOSTA, EARN IT, NOT BECAUSE THESE BILLS PROTECT CHLDREN, but because these bills DON’T protect anyone, but remove privacy. Prostasia supports evidence-based laws, not laws based on emotions, fears, and conclusions made by misunderstanding of the situation.

And twitter has not consistent in its job to take down CP either

And they showed link to the NYT’s article that was ordered by NCOSE (Morality in Media). The story is false, the lawsuit is false too. I know it, because i already proved that NCOSE (Morality in Media) is paying NYT to publish false stories about rapists that dont exist. NCOSE (Morality in Media) paid NYT to publish the false stories of rape that were used by Exodus Cry to try to ban porn. If you dont believe me, you can ask @terminus because he has web-page on KeyBase. Also, i have more evidence against all anti-porn organizatons, and i can prove they all have religious roots. Exodus Cry (International House of Prayer), FTND (Mormon Church), NCOSE (Morality in Media), and “Till Christ Returns”, are all religious. I have proofs they are connected to each other, and they sell product and send money to each other.


The current anti-porn crusade is performed exactly by them, and other smaller, less-famous organizations. They use made-up stories to push their plans. This is proven.

No, it’s not true that Twitter refused to remove CP. Twitter has strict rules against CP, so they will remove any CP when reported.

The claim that Twitter refused to remove CP, so they can “earn money” is invalid.

they also want child sex dolls legalized, despite the only people who would be interested in those being people who fantasize about child rape

There is no evidence that child sex dolls can lead to harm. Child sex dolls can be used by childlovers, in order these childlovers to not think about real children. This is the purpose of the child sex dolls. If you have real evidence to prove child sex dolls are harmful, please, feel free to present it.

Prostasia wants evidence-based laws. If you show evidence that child sex dolls are harmful, Prostasia will no longer support child sex dolls.

You have to understand that to protect people, we need evidence-based laws, not laws based on fears, emotions, and non-rational thinking.

"prostasia believes nonces are born that way, even if this is true, they are still dangerous people"

This is not true. This is what you believe. This is what you say. Your claims are NOT supported by any study. Your claims are based on myths. All these myths are debunked. Saying “these people are dangerous” will stigmatize them, so they wont be able to find help if they need.

This is why im against stigma. Stigmatization leads to marginalizations. Marginalizations and isolation from society can contribute to even more harm. It’s proven that when “these dangerous, disgusting pedophiles, child rapists”, as you call them, are more likely to “rape” someone, if they can’t find help and support.

Also, being marginalized leads to bad mental health not only in MAPS, but in every person.

MAPs cannot form romantic relationship even if they are interested in children so they think they are oppressed victims. they want dolls to act out on their disgusting rape fantasies on

Yes, MAPs are oppressed victims. MAPs are stigmatized and marginalized for no logical reason. If you say you are MAP, you will lose friends, job, and no one will want to be friend with you, EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN.. This mean that MAPs are oppressed for no reason.

they are broken, deluded people

They are NOT broken. They are completely normal people. I know them, i have studied them, and i know better than anyone else on social media who talks about MAPs by using insults, threats and emotions-based thinking that is completely inconsistent with the reality.

"fascist measures against sex". So, according to them, you are a sex-fascist if you do not support the sexualization of children

First of all, there is no such thing as “sexualization of children”. It doesn’t exist. Sex-fascism is when you make sex-restricting laws, such as the SISEA bill, or when you unleash extreme amount of hate to someone who had sexual act that doesnt fit with you traditional thinking or ideology. Restrictions on sex work can also be considered as sex-fascism for obvious reasons. For example, the SOR (Sex Offender Registry) is proven to be a fascist thing. If you have read the articles i showed, you will know what i mean.

Which is why they have to go to therapy, no matter whether they want/like it or not.

I didnt understand this. Who have to go on therapy? People who are registered on the SOR? If this is what you wanted to say, know that there are already bills to eliminated the mondatory therapy for registered people on the SOR.

they also twisted "anti-child grooming to mean “anti-human”"

This is not true. I didnt say that anti-child grooming means anti-human. I said that the current laws against what you call “child-grooming”, are harming, but not helping. The current laws are based on system that is not fit with the 21st century anymore. The current system is based on myths, not on objective truth. To protect people, the government need to adopt evidence-based laws that will protect everyone. The current laws are against human rights, and lead to stigma and marginalization.

"I don’t have empathy for bad people". "And yet they have empathy for people who are child rapists"

This is not true. I didnt say i have empathy for child rapists. I said i DON’T have empathy for people who use myths and lies to harm other people.

"the Prostasia admin also said one of their writter who got convicted for possession of real CP “just a mistake”. That’s not called making a mistake. that’s called being a monster.

This is another example of exaggerated claim. No, the person was not a monster, but a human being, like all other humans, born from other humans. Stop trying to make everyone to look like monster.

Yes, it is called a mistake. It was a mistake, because it can be fixed. The person probably learned the lession, and now he/she no longer have what you call “CP”.

Prostasia really wants that kind of disgusting behaviour to be thought of as normal or no big deal

What Prostasia actually wants, is evidence-based laws that dont stigmatize and marginalize people, but protect everyone. This is called harm-reduction.

All Prostasia does is empathize with predators and get upsed when pedophiles are called weirdos

Prostasia wants evidence-based laws that dont lead to harm like the laws that are based on fearm and emotion. Protecting the human rights of MAPs is important to achieve such laws. If we want to reduce harm, then we need to protect everyone.

this user wants old CP legalized

This sentence is about @LoliShadow
LoliShadow didn’t say he wants CP legalized. He didnt say it. You took his words out of context.

MAPs are unhinged clown who think they have a right to sexualize real children and victimize them by possessing real CP

Explain how exactly can old CP (e.g. 5 years old) victimize someone today, 5 years later. I didnt understand you. As far as i remember, LoliShadow’s tweet was about “old CP”?

No, MAPs are not clowns. If you dont want them to “harm” real children, then allow them to use child sex dolls. But you are obviously against child sex dolls too. Okay, okay… what do to now? What are the options for MAPs, so they can prevent themselves from doing sex with children? If you dont want them to do sex with children, then allow them to use child sex dolls, so they can replace the real love with plastic love, which doesnt exist, but dolls can still make some kind of illusion of love. So, yes, these dolls can DECREASE the child abuse. This is why Prostasia want to legalize them. Prostasia’s goal is to reduce child abuse by using evidence-based laws. The evidence in this case, suggests that child sex dolls can help in reducting the abuse against children.

There were 2 more quotes about “far-right evangelicals”, but im not going to mention them, because i already debunked them earlier.

Dont listen to such people. They are against everything Prostasia does. They want to ruin the reputation of Prostasia, by lying about what Prostasia actually does. Prostasia is AGAINST abuse, and wants to reduce abuse by using evidene-based laws.

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You have successfully derailed every single thread on this forum because you refuse to accept the fact that Prostasias standards go against yours and that your ideas are not welcomed here.

My posts about Wilhelm Von Gloeden’s artwork and the definition of the Age of Consent should not have become as long as they did. The subject matter of those posts was very simple but you turned both of them into a needlessly long debate on off-topic sexual morality. I don’t want to make any more threads simply because I know you will derail them.

I won’t respond to this in an effort to prevent further derailment.

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When i commented your post, i simply explained my opinion. Then someone (i dont remember the name) came and started to attack me. If he didnt attack me, your thread wouldnt go in off-topic. I just explained my opinion, and he started to talk too much, then i started to respond to his talking. This is why your thread turned into off-topic. If he didnt talk too much, i wouldnt respond.

and so all child porn disappeared in a poof of logic

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Hi Michael,

I’ve no doubt that on the one hand this long rant was probably cathartic for you; fair enough. But if you think this is really what this forum is about, you have the wrong idea, as I don’t think there will be many, or possibly any, people coming here to hear about somebody’s gripe with one particular individual.

To be honest, I lost interest half way through reading. You will not get anywhere with people who just want to bait you; who like to try and upset you mainly so they can feel better about their own sad little lives. They have absolutely no interest in listening to reason, so there’s really no point in bringing their poison onto this forum.

What is challenged on this forum are ideas and principles; things that are dealt with on main-stream media, or universally held myths and assumptions concerning MAPs and CSA/E etc. not complaints about unauthoritative and irrelevant individuals.

I’m sorry if I’m being blunt.

Your incomprehensible rambling is still being regularly snapshotted and shared around Discord servers.

All you’re doing is making Prostasia look like a safe haven for predators.

For all I know, new user @9HP23Q1M078 and @Michael45 are one and the same person. At least, as I’ve alluded to in my previous responses to this user, there is a highly suspicious relationship between Michael45 and the anti Discord that is dissecting screenshots of his posts… and giving them much more credence than anyone on this forum has, since almost all the responses he has received here have been negative.

There are lots of telltale signs that Michael45 is just a fake persona that an anti is using to try to “infiltrate” this forum, by trying to seed it with posts that both clumsily express apparent support for our mission, while also spreading pro-contact messages that active members of this forum have repeatedly, clearly, and roundly rejected.

I’m not going to give away all of the signs that their persona is a fake, but a very obvious recent one is in this thread that attempts to defend Twitter against claims that it failed to promptly remove CSAM (a defense that Prostasia, incidentally, has never expressed any support for):

Does “I’m far-left” sound like something that an actual politically left-wing person would say in real life? Or does it sound like that kind of thing that a right-wing troll would say, for the purposes of constructing a straw man persona based on a caricature of a sexually “degenerate” progressive? The almost inescapable conclusion from reading Michael45’s posts is that their persona exists for the sole purpose of producing screenshot fodder for an anti Discord.

Now, I’m not trying to cast aspersions on anyone here and I am willing to apologize if I’m wrong. I’m willing to accept that another somewhat plausible hypothesis is that Michael45 is in fact a minor themselves, and that they have fallen into the trap of spouting pro-contact rhetoric as a way of justifying their own sexual interests or behaviors. If that’s the case, then I would encourage them to desist and to come back when they are 18.

But I think that the more plausible hypothesis here is that Michael45 is an anti who is trying to make this forum look bad, and I’m not going to be drawn into engaging with this straw man and the pro-contact philosophy that they are trying to falsely associate with Prostasia’s community here. The approach that I’m going to continue to follow is to largely ignore what they say, until they eventually realize that their persona’s infiltration of this forum is not having any impact outside of the Discord forums that they came from.


Hello, @terminus
I have only one account on this forum. If you are behind the Prostasia account in Twitter, you will know who am i. I sent request on December 5, and i got invitation code. If you are the person behind the Prostasia account, check the DMs, and you will see who am i, and you will know that my activity on this forum is 100% sincere. Check my account on twitter, and you will realize that im really supporting what Prostasia do, and im really against the people who are against this organization. On twitter, im the same person you see on the forum, im acting the same way.

This is not true. Im not a fake persona. Im not trying to “infiltrate” this forum. I have an account on Quora, and im talking about the same things. Quora has nothing to do with Prostasia, but im still talking about these things on there.

No, i don’t spread pro-contact narratives. I just explained that i want full destigmatization, anti-discrimination protections, legalizations of child sex dolls, abolition of the sex offender registry. I have presented enough studies to explain why my position about the sex offender registry is correct yet, these from the Discord server attacked me when i said the sex offender registry should be abolished.

If you believe that im performing PsyOP, i will no longer make posts about these things.

Also, i don’t want to use this forum for the purpose to harm the reputation of the organization. When i write about these things, im expressing my personal opinion, and the opinions of a growing community. When i express these opinions, i don’t want it to look like Prostasia is supporting these opinions.

I share my opinions on this forum, because i want to use the forum as a social platform, for now. I can share the same opinions on other websites, but the other websites im using, have “Be Nice, Be Respectful” policies that don’t allow the usage of words (and rants) i want to use. (im talking about Quora)

Im working on my private website. Once my website i done, i will no longer talk about such things on this forum, because it seems you don’t support them. I will build a community of people who support my opinion, so i wont interact with white nationalists, homophobes, xenophobes, terrorists, racists, supermacists, far-right traditionalists, religious fundamentalists, radicalized people who can’t think outside-the box, etc… Im talking not about you, but about these who take photos of my posts and comment me, but never invited me in their discord server, so i can provide them with studies that debunk their anti-scientific claims that seek to dehumanize groups of people…

When i make posts on this forum, my intention is very clear: sharing my anger about the conservative organizations. This is everything i do - sharing anger.

Im defending Twitter, becaue there is no evidence to support the claims that Twitter hosted such videos. Also, i know what organizations are behind the lawsuit, and i know their intentions better that anyone else.

My opinion is that Twitter is innocent in this case.

Yes, im far-left. In the real life, i would say “progressive”. On the internet, i can use more radical words.

I was conservative around 2 years ago. There were some events that converted me into progressive. Now i no longer support the traditional conservative ideology. No, im not a troll.

What do you mean by “sexual degenerate”?

I don’t think “degenerate” is term that should be used for people. Just because something is degenerative in your opinion, it doesnt mean you are correct. Objective truth is not determined by personal opinions. I prefer to listen to experts and their studies that provide deep understanding on psychology. I don’t want to believe that “degenerates” are humans that are possessed by black magic, spells, demons, ghosts, etc…

Albert Eulenburg (1914) noted a commonality across the paraphilias, using the terminology of his time, “All the forms of sexual perversion…have one thing in common: their roots reach down into the matrix of natural and normal sex life; there they are somehow closely connected with the feelings and expressions of our physiological erotism. They are…hyperbolic intensifications, distortions, monstrous fruits of certain partial and secondary expressions of this erotism which is considered ‘normal’ or at least within the limits of healthy sex feeling.”

SOURCE: Paraphilia - Wikipedia

This is the bigest mistake. Just because someone stalks me and makes photos of what i say, it doesnt mean im working for them.

I will repeat it again, i have only one profile on this forum. Im not part of the discord server, and im against them. The problem is that im not allowed to debunk them, so i cant do it. Im even censored on all platforms when i debunk anti-pedophilia propaganda, because the social media plaform determine their rules based on the opinion of the majority, not the minority. This is why im creating my own website and community right now. Once im done, the truth will no longer be repressed.

I older than 18. Im above than 20 years.

No, im not trying to associate pro-c with Prostasia. Im active on a lot of different forums, and i NEVER mentioned Prostasia in order to make the organization to look bad. I dont talk about Prostasia on other places.

What wrong did i say? Do you think im wrong when i defend Twitter? Why do you think so?

I promise to no longer post my personal opinions on here. I will wait until i finish my site, so i will post my opinions there. Im working on a twitter-like platform, forums, and fact-checkers that will allow groups of people to express themselves freely and to think creatively, without the fear of death threats and violence. The problem is that im alone in the process of coding (writing the codes of websites), so it happens slowly.

I will no longer talk about the conservative orgaizaton on this forum. However, i will ask, am i allowed to talk about child sex dolls? Is Prostasia directly supporting the legalization of child sex dolls, or i understood the situation wrongly?

Explain me if the organization support the legalization of child sex dolls, so i can now if i should feel free to talk about these dolls on this forum.

I will say it again, im sorry for the fact you have wrong opinion about me. Maybe, im guilty for this, because im using radical language. I will no longer do it.

Mr. @terminus you have to know that soe people are tryng to find even the smalles sign that someone is against their ideology, and they start hating him/her. In this case, Prostasia supports the legalization of child sex dolls with the intention to reduce harm. They saw this, so they think that Prostasia is bad. I saw anti-prostasia tweets that say that Prostasia is trying to legalize and normalize the rape of children, because Prostasia is trying to legalize child sex dolls.

When i explain them that dolls are not real humans, they have no personality and consciousness, and there is no evidence that proves that these dolls can lead to harm, these people just block me, or insult me. They wont listen. They simply take my words out of context, so they can make me look bad.

Yes, i said there is no such thing as “sexualization of children”. Yes, i will confirm it: there is no such thing as sexualization of children!
The only people who think that sexualization of children is a real thing, are these ignorant primitives that you can see them using hashtags such as SaveTheChildren, PedoJoe, Adrenochrome, etc, etc… These people explain how different governments, politicians, media, corporation, are trying to sexualize children, etc… These people believe that children are 100% innocent, can’t think, must be dependent, can’t take decisions, etc…

I can share a lot of truths about child sexuality (WIKIPEDIA) which exists and its perception is influenced by social and cultural aspects, not by puritan beliefs, according to official studies mentioned on wikipedia, but not here on this forum. I have noticed that facts that are obtained by studies in psychology and biology, are not welcomed in the modern society. If i share the facts here, i might get banned. I will share the facts on my private site. No one can ban me from my own website.

Im really sorry about the fact im causing people to be irritated on this forum. I won’t do it more. I will talk about things Prostasia supports.

There is a loosely organized group of ignorant people who clearly want to harm the reputation of Prostasia. These people spread misinformation on social media, and they visit this forum, so they can take words out of context, and to censor parts of my text, but to leave other parts that contain some words that can be used out of context, so it can look like something that is very bad.

I know that, i know they are reading this text.

Here is my message to these that hide behind fake profiles and never invited me in their discord server: Instead of taking my words out of context, and calling me rapist, and throwing empty, baseless seculation, please, provide studies to support your claims.

Instead of claiming that im bad, because i want the sex offender registry abolished, provide studies that can debunk the claims of all human rights organization that say the sex offender registry is violating humn rights.

Instead of making baseless accusation against me being “child rapist”, provide evidence to support im really “child rapist”.

Explain your claim: “Prostasia is literally allowing child predators on their forum”. What does it mean? Did you mean that MAPs should not be allowed to have opinions and to be publically visible? If yes, this is clear violation of basic human rights.

Explain what do you mean by “Terminus seriously need to be investigated if this is what he is condoning”. What does it mean? What illegal activity did you see on the forum? Where is the illegal activity? Did Terminus do something illegal? Did i do something illegal? Or, we should be investigated because we express opinions that does not fit with your ideology, so you want us investigated? This is called fascism - clear violation of basic human rights and freedom of expression.

There is no illegal activity occuring on this forum. If you want us to be investigated, because of expression of opinions, then you are clearly fascist. Don’t say you are not fascist. You clearly use fastist tactics. You want me to be under police repression, because you dont like my opinion.

Prove you points and disprove my points. Explain where im wrong, and prove im wrong, and explain why you are right.

Your “thinking” is based on hate and misuderstanding. You probably believe that a pedophile must be old male who is fat, ugly, hairy, repulsive, and lurks around schools so he can give sugar candies to children, so children can follow him.

You even believe the “Stranger Danger” propaganda. Your thinking is based on stereotypes that are no longer fit with the 21st century.

Go read some research that debunks the myths you believe in. Or wait until my fact-checker is done, so you can get the facts.

Your thinking is generalizing and harmful. Stop calling me a “child rapist”, because im not. You don’t know me, but you already say im “child rapist”. How can you know what i am, if you dont know me? The answer is easy - you dont know anything about me. You are simply making baseless speculation, against me, based on your own wrong thinking.

Hi, @JP_Meadows

Yes, i know that not many people will come here to read my posts. I can’t express myself on any mainstream social media, as well, because they will suspend me because of censorship. This is why i work on my own twitter-like platform, forum, and fact-checker.

When these 3 mechanisms are done, they will allow me to tell the truth.

Who is baiting me? :face_with_monocle:

Yes, most of the people who come to this forum specially to post photos, are nothing but haters who want to harass people that are not protected by the anti-discrimination law. This is what i think MAPs should be included in the anti-discrimination law. Currently, there is too much online harassment and real-life violence against MAPs for no reason. There are a lot of horrible crimes against MAPs.

Yes, you are right. I will no longer post my own opinins here. I will use different places, until my privatte social media platforms are done.

When i make posts here, on this forum, im explaining why people are absolutely wrong about what CSEM is. When i explained it, they refused to listen, and started attacking me. This is why i will no longer talk about such things on this forum.

I might still comment some topics that are interested, but i wont make huge posts, because no one can even understand what i’m saying. People prefer to split poison, and never listen to facts that violate their emotional comfort.

Don’t worry. It was ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suggest the simple expedient of showing cooperation and authenticity by making the minimal $5 monthly donation.

Or to paraphrase an old expression about images: “A dollar is worth a thousand words.”

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What’s really weird is how many countries don’t have one and do perfectly fine without it.

Now what you mentioned there about “anti-discrimination laws” piqued my interest.

I have often thought about why is it that people with (what is seen as) an ignominious affliction are any less worthy of having their status considered a “protected characteristic” than someone who might be “attacked” because of their age, sex, gender, or relationship status for instance. After all, the whole point of having a “protected characteristic” is in order to protect those legally abiding citizens who may be particularly susceptible to hate, violence or bullying. In other words; ‘paedophilia’ should be 100% a “protected characteristic”.

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So this would be a good angle to create a discourse on? Highly controversial in a less academically enlightened arena of course.

If I said only 1 person was “baiting” you, I apologise. The point I was trying to make is that of course people here know that there are many ignorant bullies who love nothing more than to twist ideas and words, take things “out of context” and generally harass MAPs & allies. I personally have had no negative experiences on the Prostasia platform, but then I’m relatively new here and & haven’t contributed much. Nonetheless, I’m sure that telling everyone here how horrible some people can be is “preaching to the converted” so it is going to have limited appeal at best.

However, I wish you all the best & best of luck to you.