Discord getting raided

So last night our discord was raided and reported. Right now there are some degenerates spamming shit.


Don’t use “degenerate” as an insult. It’s most commonly used against us, and the concept is problematic. Degenerate art - Wikipedia

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I’m not using it as an insult they just are degenerates like for real.

Define “degenerate.”

That’s unsurprising, given the nature of it a public invite was always going to be a mistake. I would at the very least have kept it to members and established forum users with unique single use invites and some raid protection which is pretty easy to put into place. I’d be surprised if the server is still around tomorrow given Discord’s history with anything MAP related.


Two definitions
“an immoral or corrupt person.” (google)
Some one who degrades destroys or otherwise undoes.
{De} meaning un, remove, or separate and {generate} meaning create.

First definition is obvious they were telling one member to commit not live and calling her a bitch, cunt, and so on.

Second works to we had a respectable server and they came degenerated it into a shit hole of spamming, insulting, and harassing. They degenerated the standards of human decancy.

fuck standards of human decency tbh

the term degenerate is rooted in eugenic ideologies & I reclaim it for myself, which makes this quite awkward tbh

I don’t know about being a degenerate, but I proudly embrace the label of demon.


@terminus you might have to lock down the discord server. I’d throw my hat in the ring, but I don’t have an account.

Every thing’s good now that malefactors have been banned, well just have to see if discord bands us.

“but I proudly embrace the label of demon.”

Doom music starts playing.


I’ve always thought myself more of an Arch-Vile.


Really, you don’t seem annoying

I always call myself degenerate. People can’t really hurt you when you make fun of yourself and just embrace it.



“You’re an X!” “That’s true, what’s your point?”