Dr. Federoff's Cure for Pedophilia

For years, the pedophilia lobby has tried to silence him and redirect attention to “solutions” which involve “just accepting it”, calling him a quack, accusing him of conversion therapy but he is the one and only man who created a cure for pedophilia.

This isn’t putting someone on drugs which are deleterious and very harmful to their health for the rest of their lives but a true cure. It will move someone from fantasizing about children to fantasizing about adults like any other normal person.

Just look at the people who stated they no longer have a problem with illicit desires and have moved onto other things in life.

First of all, do you realize that the National post is about as credible a source as a pile of mud on the ground?
Second, do you realize all of the inherent ethical dilemmas in regards to conversion therapy for anyone in regards to anything?
Thirdly, the article itself says that the study was “deeply flawed”
Fourthly, If he beleives there is no evidence pedophilia cannot be altered, he has clearly never read the overwhelming majority of researched studies on the subject.
Fifthly, If he is going to say the problem is because of recidivism, how about addressing the fact that most sex offenders do not get to see a treatment provider outside of a correctional institution? Increasing access to these resources would decrease re-offense drastically.
Sixthly, In regards to “teaching” adults how to feel aroused to pornography of adult women, that is hokus. As someone who has gone through sex offender treatment as a juvenile, one of the first things I learned is that such practices are less likely to function on adults, people whose brains have fully developed and have a lower plasticity, making them harder to change.
Lastly, as far as I can tell, the medications he is talking about in the articles are androgen blockers and SSRI’s. As someone who was on both at the same time (I am transgender, on hormones, and got an SSRI for my depression) All I have to say is this; while I was on both medications that should have had me chemically castrated, I had a much harder time managing my sexual urges and with how far my mental health deteriorated I was at an extremely high risk to re-offend. I lost my job, got a parole violation for looking at cam-girls, went back to juvy for 6-and-a-half months, got off of my medications, and voila, as soon as the meds were out of my system I had an easier time managing my urges.

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Great news. I don’t think it’s useful to all patients, but it can work on some individuals.

The results seem striking. Following a year or so of therapy that included a steady diet of adult pornography, he says his sexual interests have settled exclusively on age-appropriate women, and young people no longer arouse him.

“It frees me, it frees me completely,” said the patient about his transformation, asking that his name not be published. “I have nothing to keep inside any more, I have nothing to hide. It’s like a weight that’s been lifted.”

I don’t see why we would consider this patient a liar. I see no reason why he would lie. This is great to hear and I’m glad he is psychologically freed! I think this is more useful for non-exclusive maps? A person who can be attracted to both 18+ and children can have their arousal adjusted. But would this work for exclusive maps? Those who quite literally are not attracted to 18+ and only minors.

Even if the study is deeply flawed, I see no reason why this particular patient: The one that did 90 days in jail for CSAM possession should be treated as a liar. He does appear genuine that his arousal patterns have change so arousal adjustment can work for some. I think ATSA considers “arousal conditioning” to work. Could encouraging him to access legal adult porn might be considered a form of arousal conditioning? Seems to me it could be.

Conversion therapy is conversion therapy.

Their is also this thing called the placebo effect, and the fact that every brain is different. Just because something works well for one person doesn’t mean it works well for most people or even necessarily anyone else


Yes, treatment needs to be individualized.

I reported your post, Katya. You can’t call pedophiles “degenerate” on this board. Personal attacks and insults are not allowed.