Dropping someone in front of a computer is not parenting

While I acknowledge computers can be valuable tools to socialize with peers, access useful information, entertain yourself, and otherwise enrich your life. It is important to remember not to simply leave someone on their own for all hours of the day to be parented by the “computer”, whichever form this may take (iPads, phones, laptops, desktops).

Family games, family events, outings, long conversations, going outside to play in the garden. Screen time may not be the moral panic some people think it is, but I feel that families aren’t as close as they used to be at one point in the past.

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Keep 'em off social media too. Research suggest significant psychological harm occurs from excessive use of social media among such young children. They do not need to be on an unsupervised Instagram or twitter account to be subjected to flaming/engagement in flaming arguments. Not to mention the very obvious issue of sextortion in which the douchebag in the other end demands sexually suggestive images from the minor.

Social media is a mixed bag. There are many possible harms, but there are also ways to alleviate loneliness and depression. Sites like Kik and Facebook make it far too easy to find minors by searching for them. For young children, Facebook has the option for parents to control who they can talk to.

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I’m gradually becoming favorable towards the concept of prohibiting internet use to anyone under 18.

Everyone thinks it is impossible although in reality, it’s just wildly expensive and controversial but I think it could really help everyone.

The internet is an incredible resource and an essential part of modern life (it should already be a basic right), the problem is not kids having access to the internet. The problem is parents not spending quality time with kids (usually not the parents fault, it’s a problem of the world we live in), kids not getting the opportunity to do fun, exciting activities outdoors (because of lack of resources or much too often overly cautious parents not letting their kids do anything dangerous a.k.a. fun), social media in general (it’s bad for everyone for the most part).