DuelHero2323 must be made WELL AWARE of the consequences

I already sent DuelHero2323 some very important information on how to live a long healthy life.
It’s so obvious he is condoning straight up child rape. So let’s be clear:

We NEED an age of consent in order to protect extremely vulnerable populations.
FOR THE SAME REASON we do not permit exploitative child labor such as what you’d see in the 19th century with children working at coal mines only to die.

If you are literally asking to do away with age of consent laws, you are literally advocating for baby rape, which is a death penalty offense.

DuelHero2323, I don’t know who you are and I don’t really care, but regardless of what you think about age of consent, you better stay AWAY from engaging in any sexual activities towards children. For not just their sake but your own. If you molest a child, you WILL be convicted, you WILL be sent to prison for life and you WILL be gang raped in prison. Staff will turn a blind eye and you will be tortured by other inmates. If your assault on children involve rape, it may become a death penalty offense in the future. And your family, your friends will all abandon you. No one will hear your screams because we won’t care by then. No one cares if a child molester gets raped and torture, as far as society is concerned, “they had it coming”. Even other MAPs, (at least the law abiding ones) will not be concerned with your fate, they too will think “he had it coming”. And how could you blame them? I know I couldn’t. This is not hyperbole. This is deadly serious.

The goal of this post of course, is not to condone rape and torture of inmates convicted of a contact offense regardless how much we hate them. But just a reality check… for you. Your post history, taken as a whole, clearly demonstrate a pattern of behavior that is deeply alarming. What must be said is that you seem to be an at risk person. You are not a terrible person, as you have not done anything. But if you molest a child, you will be spared no mercy, you will be relegated as someone below human, as you have relinquish that right long ago.

Stay on the right side of the law. Do not assault children. No one makes the decision to be attracted to children. But everyone can make the decision to be on the right side of the law.

WTF, what a sick fuck. We should give free helicopter rides to Pro-C maps. I see a career in being a helicopter pilot :wink: