Eating Healthily

I wasn’t quite sure if I really should be posting this here, but I think it is important in a way. This may seem like one of those well duh or does it really matter, but it is very important to eat healthily.

If you don’t, then your brain will lack many of the nutrients it needs to function properly which leads an increased of it behaving in a very strange or irregular way rather than something well-controlled.

Fruits (e.g. vitamin c), vegetables (broccoli, spinach, and so on), milk (calcium / vitamin d. be careful with soy, it may disrupt hormone balance in weird ways which could lead to unpredictable effects), perhaps some fish, and there are a bunch of others as-well.

I personally have not eaten everything I should have and it does show at times.

To relate this to CSA prevention, I’ll note that one reports far fewer uncontrollable thoughts.
I don’t know if that is the placebo effect in action, but every little helps.

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I have been negligent on this area too, but there is not much I can given my current situation, still, always good to plan ahead.