Eliminate Exploitation with AI

Many organizations like NCOSE and Exodus Cry talk about sex trafficking and exploitation in the sex industry. It would good if in the future we can eliminate the porn industry as we know today, and replace it with algorithms which can create content for everyone.

Poor women will no longer be forced, or coerced, to do sex acts they don’t want to do on camera. Children won’t have to be filmed. Animals will be spared humiliation. People won’t be injured doing all manner of dangerous stunts. We can be sure too that “simulated rape” is never less “simulated”, than it claims to be.

This will admittedly destroy a lot of jobs, and we may need to think about what other job opening we can create to take in that influx of people. We also have to think about what social safety nets we can implement.

You are seemingly equating all porn to exploitation here. There are people who enjoy making porn, even for free! Exhibitionism is a common fetish. There is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s absolutely possible to eliminate exploitation in porn without eliminating the porn industry!


First of all, those specific organizations are not credible, science-based groups. NCOSE, specifically, is actually just Morality in Media, a conservative censorship lobbyist group, which sought to eliminate sex and “vice” from the marketplace of ideas, often pearl clutching with the time-tested rhetoric of “think of the children” and “trust your feelings”, rather than scientific concensus on the matters. While it’s true that there has been unsavory and illegal activity in the adult entrainment and sex industries, the reality of it all is that these activities are extremely limited in their scope and effect, often the responsibility of bad actors and criminals, rather than the fault of the industry as a whole. These things happen everywhere in the entertainment industry, and steps have been taken by all to understand and prevent these from occurring again, regardless of their limited occurrence, scope, or effect.
The pearl clutching of these groups is nothing more than an exercise in fallacious, dubious and manipulative reasoning.

Second of all, it wouldn’t be right to eliminate the right to free expression just to avoid or dance around the issue of exploitation. Such suggestions are not compatible with the liberal ideal.

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