FL Woman is believed to have LIED about Child Sex Doll

“I’m shocked, shocked to find out gambling is going on in here.”

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I’ve come across some reddit communities that reposted the story and talked about it, and the overall consensus from the users and posts was that of uncomfortable skepticism, if not outright unconvinced and in disbelief with few users willing to accuse them of foul play.
This, in addition to a couple 4chan threads with posters who actually own child sex dolls with that same head or are at least familiar with the sex doll industry, expressing similar feelings of skepticism or flat-out accusing those involved of foul play. Mostly the latter.

In the original NBC affiliate article, “Terri” is quoted as claiming that the dolls face was modeled to mimic the likeness of her young daughter, which is proven false by this thread.
That fact alone should make anybody skeptical.

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The girl in the photo is almost certainly a professional model who was hired by whomever first sold or bought this fake story. That they told her, her booking agency, her manager, and her parental guardian – who would have had to be present for the shoot (I know because I work in this industry) – that she was being posed to resemble a sex doll is highly unlikely. If there is child abuse involved here, that’s it.

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that’s the thing… I don’t believe that.

I tried looking up a portfolio of the girl and the mother just to verify that they’re not crisis actors or a source image of some sort. I even looked up directories of professional modeling agencies based out of Florida, literally nobody had anything on them.

It’s not hard to hire a professional photographer to take a quality photograph of your child. People have portraits like this taken all the time and it wouldn’t be difficult to commission one, especially if it’s being done to further a politically-charged scandal.
Like I’ve said before, it is my belief that they posed the girl to mimic the listing so they could have an outrage story.
Nobody’s going to look at it or question it.
Nobody’s going to be honest about their skepticism.
Nobody who knows anything about sex dolls or child sex dolls who isn’t dissuaded by their fake-ass outrage is going to be questioned or put in the spotlight.

The fear about sex dolls and fictional pornography is unfounded. There is no conclusive, scientific consensus to justify any prohibition or censorship.
There is no proof that these dolls are harmful.


I think you may have misread my post. I was agreeing with you. It’s a fake tabloid news story, based upon a variation of the fear that “pedophiles” spend their days “stealing pics” of children to post on porn sites. I’m quite certain that this woman and her daughter don’t actually exist, and Florida was just chosen as a random location that would appeal to the type of people who read and believe such garbage. The model for the photo (and I believe she looks like a professional, but that really has little to do with the point) could be anywhere. That she was being posed to “look like a doll” is obvious from the unnatural position of her legs. I just doubt that anyone (including the photographer) was told the real purpose of the shoot.


You’re right. I did misread it, and yeah your input on this thread is indeed good info to have.

My apologies… I haven’t been able to get much sleep, even less so than usual. My mind has been racing with concerns over allowing these unhinged, prejudiced jackals to undermine their own supposed “values” because certain sex toys make them uncomfortable.


Found the “Molly” prototype.

This is the exact same factory head mold that @JustLurking pointed out was not modeled on the likeness of the girl.

The story still stinks, and I hope this thread gets shared around. I want to call them out for deceiving the public with their phony outrage.

Sex dolls are not children.
There is no exploitation.
They are harmless.

And criminalizing them is an act of heinous and unjustified cruelty cemented by hatred, fear, and ignorance of the facts.


People love to morally grandstand against indefensible Boogeymen, it’s a terrific way of affecting righteousness and morality while doing absolutely nothing righteous nor moral.

People like this don’t care about the reality of their supposed “concerns”, hell, they’ll create the Boogeyman themselves if they need to.


You mean FEELING righteous and moral while not being righteous or moral.

There is nothing moral or righteous about dragging a man from his home, taking from him his livelihood, his freedom, and his privacy, and humiliating him in a kangaroo court over his choice to purchase a silicone sex doll that does nothing but make people feel uncomfortable.

These dolls are masturbatory aids, products of desire, and are innately artistic forms of expression representative of the interests and tastes of their owners and users. The vitriol taken at pedophilic acts of abuse against children is being deliberately misdirected at an easy target. It’s barbarism and savagery in an abstract, yet blunt and destructive form, and savagery is anything but moral or righteous.

Though evidence on dolls and their consumers is admittedly limited, what we do know about both is that dolls are a lot like virtual/simulated child pornography, which are harmless as science has repeatedly and consistently failed to find a meaningful, let alone causal, link between pornography consumption and the commission of sex offenses.


“feeling”, “affecting”, I think it’s both, the affectation is done for the purpose of receiving praise/approval, which serves to enhance (deserved or not) the individuals self perception. The social component of this process, comes off to me as a sort of performative circlejerk, where purveyors of outrage compete for moral brownie points by seeing who can beat the cultural dead horse harder.

They understand that pedophilia, and in turn pedophiles , are all but culturally indefensible. They understand that they will not be challenged, not because what they are saying is actually factual, or argumentatively airtight - but rather because no one wants to be labeled a pedo sympathizer. Their wielding of these pejoratives as a weapon insures that valid criticisms are left unsaid. The average foaming at the mouth warrior of virtue likely has no conscious understanding of the social calculus at play here. But what this woman did on the other hand was calculated, unabashedly attention seeking, and deeply insidious.


It seems like this woman is just trying to get famous. You got a fair point about his daughter, and I think Terri is just trying to get money from sex dolls companies. This is ridiculous how some people use their children to gain profit from fake stories. It is obvious to me that the sex doll seller doesn’t give a F about her daughter. My friends gifted me a real-life-sized sex doll for my birthday, and I don’t find the sex dolls can be very similar to real humans. Have a good day, guys! Cheers!


Just bumping this up.

It’s ridiculous, this woman just wants to use her daughter to make money.

Actually I send my friend Mark a small breast sex doll Gianna, and he said she is super cute and lovely.


I’ll give this a bump.

Even though the copy cat story is highly unlikely, such a report cannot coherently be used as justification to target doll ownership. It doesn’t make sense to hold a thousand responsible for the act of one person. Mass shootings would have guns banned if such were the case. That thinking is loony.

Yep, that’s a Mizuwali design doll. I appreciate the contributions to this thread.

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While I agree with you, it’s more to shine a light on the levels of dishonesty employed by prudes so they could have a story.

The fact that they’d go so far as to fabricate this whole story just so they could deceive and manipulate public outrage over a complex issue that they may not be fully informed over is the focus.

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Putting dolls on par as humans. Yikes. I bet a lot of people would count sleeping with a doll as cheating.

Saw an article of a doll found in the woods and the comments section being like “Go get him!!!” and some christian comments that every doll (even adult) needs to be banned, because they objectify woman and normalize sex without consent.

Much discourse corresponds with the law of similarity of sympathetic magic.

Dr. Kathleen Richardson often uses such rhetoric.