Goodbye, Prostasia

Apparently, obedience to the law is a “pro contact argument” and not supported by this forum. As I am a law abiding citizen who only exercises the rights granted to me by the law of the land, I’ll leave Prostasia and the criminals running it to their predictable fate at the hands of the antis to which it fearfully panders. Anyone interested in my work, which you’ll be hearing a lot of in the months and years to come, should know that I’m not difficult to find.

To antis, ant-Cs, quislings, and other haters, I’ll let the young lady have the last word:



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Emancipated minors CANNOT LEGALLY CONSENT TO SEX WITH ADULTS!! We’ve been over this so many goddamn times it’s beyond me why you would dare cling onto this!

Abraham Lincoln here just emancipated himself from the shackles of our forum.


You are seriously disturbed. Could the moderators remove my account please, so I’ll stop getting emails about this nutcase’s responses? Thank you.

[Post edited to undo vandalism done to it by a seriously disturbed person.]

Most people around the world probably think the age of consent should be 14 or 15, it doesn’t make it right though.

I don’t care too much on the age of consnet law for late teenagers, most will end all right. I don’t think its safe though.

I do support the age bieng 18 and we have to be and anti contact forum. Aside from our appearance this doesn’t seem to be super important issue.

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Hey, I agree with you, but I was told that mentioning the facts concerning the AoC was a “pro contact argument” and against the rules of the forum. On top of that I keep getting messages from these obviously deeply disturbed people who claim things that have no basis in reality (“NO ONE UNDER 18 CAN CONSENT TO SEX ANYWHERE”, etc.). When I counter this with legal facts, I see the topic being closed with a warning from the moderator. There are no MAP forums left that haven’t been invaded and ruined by these self hating “anti-C” trolls. I’ve been there. VoA, GC, and others.

I’m fully aware that Prostasia is an anti child abuse organization. They should realize that keeping a young person from being with someone they love, and who is willing to obey the laws of the land in any relationship that ensues, is child abuse of the worse kind. I’ll never forget a beautiful 14 year old girl who committed suicide for this very reason. I can’t forget because I see her face every time I close my eyes.

Well, I like you think my aoc is the best of all :3
But I agree to stop arguing about it, so we maintain things on the legal ground here.

I’d love to stop arguing about it, but I’m sick and tired of being shouted at by (intentionally?) misinformed people whenever I mention the facts of what" “legal ground” actually is.

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Well, I’m used to this thing about people from those places calling me many things, being immoral the less offensive of them XD. But meh ¬¬" I don’t mind people offending me. I guess I was bullied a lot when I was a teenager, so I lost the capacity of caring about those things XD

But anyway, I guess the server here is under the jurisdiction of the US law, so talking about an age of consent lower than 18 is illegal for them. I guess we have to make peace with this if we want to comment here. But they sure could be a little more respectful about people from other places. Like saying, “Please stop talking about this here” or something. But whatever, as I said, I don’t care about being harassed, or stuff like that.

But where you are from?

What did I say defending pedophiles and pedophilia? Nothing. Teenagers are not children, and those attracted to them are not pedophiles. Again, consensual relationships with minors are not inherently illegal. I don’t bother to support changing AoC laws because I see no reason to do so. I’m perfectly fine with exercising the rights I already have.

You are welcome to report me to the Baltimore Police Department. I’m not hiding anywhere. Literally thousands of people have already done so, and have been told the same thing they’ll tell you: “He’s not breaking any laws.”

[Post edited to undo vandalism done to it by a seriously disturbed person.]

I’m from Baltimore, Maryland, where the age of consent is 16, like it is in the majority of US states. 18 is the age of majority, the same as in Europe and most places. It’s just that many Americans seem unable to understand their own laws, much less understand the fact that they are not universal.

If you want to stop getting emails you can turn them off in your settings.

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You mean pro-contact or pro-abuse sentiments, attitudes, or actions, in the same way that VirPed may treat things.

Prostasia is about preventing child sex abuse. Period.

If the sexual interests and desires of pedophilic or MAP populations can be leveraged to facilitate meaningful child sex abuse prevention strategies, as suggested by scientific evidence regarding pornography consumption and sex crime statistics, in addition to a more rational understanding of pedophilia as a sexual orientation, rather than a mental disorder, then it ought to be explored and campaigned for, as censorship is never good and stigma is already harming innocent people in ways unforeseen.


What the hell is happening here lol???


some stuff designed to cause me stress… that’s what.

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Honestly, I don’t understand that’s going on here. Because I had already covered this topic here a lot of times, including one of the first topics I covered here was the age difference on Call Me By Your Name, another topic I’ve talked about age of consent in general, I also mentioned Millie Bobby Brown case and Prostasia never notified me or anything like that. Honestly, I’m not understanding anything that’s happening here. Maybe Daniel said something that went overboard? If any moderator can explain to me this crazy situation here, I’m grateful.

I don’t know guys. I just know that when I opened the Forum I saw people ,I’ve never seen fighting each other here, fighting each other.

You’re causing yourself stress by claiming something that even you know is not true. 18 is not the universal age of consent. In the state of Maryland, where I reside, it is perfectly legal to have a consensual sexual relationship with a 16 year old. I’m not saying that you have to accept that as morally right, neither am I advising anyone else to seek out such a relationship. I am simply stating legal facts. Similarly, the AoC is 16 in the UK and most US states. It is 14 in Italy and Germany, 15 in France, etc. I’ll refrain from mentioning the AoCs in Asian countries, since I’ve found that western people find the facts about them so difficult to understand that the resultant arguments go nowhere.

My other remarks concerning marriage laws and the possibilities of minor emancipation are also demonstrable legal facts. The fact that you find that offensive doesn’t change anything.

You need to realize that shouting something repeatedly at someone doesn’t magically make it true. If you find current AoC laws offensive, by all means express your opinion, but don’t pretend that things are not as they actually are and then expect to be treated like a rational human being.

Please be advised that @Chie is going through my posts one by one and flagging them over and over. The person is seriously disturbed and I hope they seek out the real life help that they so desperately need. I welcome the moderators to take whatever action they deem appropriate, but realize that I have done nothing but state facts as they are, something that person apparently cannot deal with.