Has anyone been watching the Roman drama go down on Twitter?

Even anti-MAP Prostasia haters have joined in to dunk on him. He has revealed himself to be legitimately predatory. I am having fun. I am not having fun. Called CPS on him. I’m extremely concerned for his kids.


Roman? You mean CaptainCrunch?

You know, the same guy who purposefully misinterpreted every point I made in my response to one of the threads? The same guy you joined in that defamation campaign against me? The same guy who was claimed to be so concerned about a young girl on this forum he contacted privately to offer “help”? The same guy that was vocal about being against pro-contacts?

You are telling me, that he, a legitimate predator who poses threat to children in your own opinion, has in secrecy, sneaked into this forum, an anti-c survivor space, and contacted an underage person in here, posing a danger to her?

Okay, that would be enough of my mean-spirited attitude towards you. Let the bygones be bygones. But I think you now see what I was talking about, right? Sure, there is no “secret underground movement”, it was never the case I was making, but I was talking from actual experience with such people be it in here or other forums when I was issuing that warning. Let me remind you that:

And many predatory individuals do indeed pose as being “helpers of CSA victims” and “anti-contact” because that gives them an excuse to contact victims of child sexual abuse, who are often, underage, as the name itself suggests. Their logic is that if someone has been successfully abused, it means they are susceptible to manipulation, that it’s an easy target.

Either way, I cannot really find what you are referring to on Twitter, considering I don’t know what usernames to search for, and that Twitter is notoriously difficult to give out accurate search results. I also lack context from other sites he was frequenting. But I’m guessing you are up to date with the whole situation, right?

Would you mind if you have some spare time to write a small documentary about him on this forum? To explain the situation, describe who he is, what he did, show relevant screenshots of his online activity that made you conclude that he is legitimately predatory.

Of course, without giving in any identifiable information of his, since you already contacted CPS on him, there is no point for anyone to know anything about him except that his name is Roman.

I think it would be useful to gather and present all information about him in one place, to explain what happened to people who don’t know the whole situation (like me), and as a case example that people might stumble upon in the future. You could also easily link it in relevant discussions if you ever had a need to do so, to support your argument, so I guess there would be a lot of uses.

I just noticed it

Isn’t that a good example of a projection we often hear so much about?

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Anti-contact predators exist. He legitimately is pro-survivor–just only the survivors who agree with him (and Sunflower is one of them). I went on no “defamation campaign.” I simply disagreed with some of your statements. I apologize if I was too aggressive.

I don’t have to spoons to write an entire documentary, and I’m busy at the moment. Maybe after I’m finished with the current drama & cases.

We know his full name, age, and approximate location.

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There is no need for you to apologize for anything because you did nothing wrong. CapitanCrunch has exploited many people’s empathy in this thread to craft this narration, he is really to blame for the whole situation. If anything I had to apologize for not realizing what kind of person he really is sooner, so I would better adjust what I was writting.

I tend to turn into a very extreme pragmatic when I see a serious situation, and that left a lot of room for his misinterpretation to seem valid.

I really responded to this thread mainly because it was a good opportunity to address one of your disagreements, now that he became an example of what I was referring to. Before that previous thread was closed, I was thinking about linking you some of my conversations with people I was referencing with my statements, that I had encountered on this forum, but seeing how long they were, I just let the whole situation be.

The documentary could be a bad word, essentially what I was trying to describe was some collection of information about the case, so other people can know what is actually going on. Of course like I said, only if you have the time, so there is no need for you to feel obligated to do so.

And it’s better for you to keep such information for yourself. Doxing is illegal, even if done in good faith or against bad people. You already informed the CPS about the situation and gave them the information you got about him, so there is no more reason to share such data anywhere else. It would be an unnecessary risk of getting into legal trouble, and a way for him to potentially pursue revenge on you for informing CPS.


I think it would be best to just leave ronnie roman alone.

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I’m not going to doxx him publicly myself. Though a friend who uses Tor did try. Anyway, his full name and age are already public info, and he’s admitted it himself.

Also, I don’t experience empathy.

Nah. Antis need to learn to not mess with me.

Also, off-topic but @chie go fuck yourself

how dare you say that the person who has been abusing & harassing me and my friends for fucking WEEKS is somehow actually me, my fault

being told i’m faking is one of my worst triggers

how dare you claim I am lying about my age just because I’m not a complete idiot like you were

how dare you invalidate people’s harmless identities

how dare you attempt to police whom I (harmlessly) talk to

I’ve trusted you and supported you for a long, long time

but just like all my other friends you’ve ended up turning out to be a complete piece of shit

Empathy is irrelevant, but doxing is a crime. Committing crimes in the name of “justice”. Why, that’s what those same antis do.


You didn’t join the forum until February of this year.
I’m literally just someone on a forum for a CSA prevention organization whose posts you happened to agree with. That was it.

I’m not a MAP/pedo, but I support NOMAPs and anti-contact pedophilic individuals and their rights.
I’ve voiced my belief that someone who is a minor should not be talking or engaging with those who are likely to abuse/exploit you.
That was it. And I will not let up on that.

Again, I apologize if accusing you of trolling yourself was incorrect, but what am I supposed to think when that Roman person made accounts impersonating you?


anything but “omg hmm let’s blame the alleged victim sounds like a good idea lol”

Not in the name of justice. In the name of my personal unethical desire for revenge, and also to prevent him from causing further harm. I won’t actively help my friend doxx him, but I’ll hardly shed tears for Roman when he is still at large, still has power, when he is not marginalized the way we are and wouldn’t be affected by it the way we would be & have been. And I’m absolutely willing to contact his employers and family and tell them what he’s done.

I’m just going to be blunt.

I don’t know you, your friend group, or your drama. My interests lie in three things: maintaining civil liberties for all, preventing CSA, and helping Prostasia by being active in their community.
That’s it.
If you’re being harassed by someone you believe is a threat, then you message either the @moderators and inform them of the situation or do you best to eject them from your friend group.

Moreover, I suspected you were a troll from the get-go.
A lot of your posts, your behavior, the way you constantly like and retweet posts from pro-c’s while supposedly being anti-c, the way you lent credence to their implicitly wrong ideology, the thread you made earlier on, everything about it made me skeptical and suspicious of you.]
I’ve seen psy-op trolls happen on the Internet before.

When I saw what I can only assume was your friend going after @terminus on Twitter, I had to say something.
As the conversation went on, I began to learn more (or begin to think I was learning more) about how Roman allegedly harassed you. I know he became a troll against Prostasia, so it only made sense that he would sockpuppet accounts pretending to be you. Stuff like that is what trolls do to cause harm, whether it’s through a false flag, whatever.
Keep in mind, Roman made multiple accounts.

If you really are who/what you say you are, then I’m sorry if my accusing you of being a troll was not true, however, I leave only on that you shouldn’t be going out of your way to converse with pro-contact MAPs. They’re not zoo animals.
They’re human beings, and like any human being, they can be good or bad. I have a hard time understanding how a pro-c can be ‘good’.

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I retweet anti-c posts on my priv. Same on Mastodon, I have a disposable account to interact with pro-c’s with and that includes positive RTs when I like the tweet/post or agree with it. Blame the OCPD brain, but I do block them on sight on main accounts. Cry harder.

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Chronic you cant just dox someone for being mean on the internet

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Please, in your own words, go through everything that’s been happening with this drama.

Tell us who is bad, who is good, what should be believed, what isn’t.

I just want this drama to end and for Prostasia and its community to be as not involved as possible.


He wasn’t just “being mean.” And no, I’m not doxxing him.

As I already stated above, I don’t have the time or the spoons.

Are you so incapable of determining that on your own?

All you care about is your precious darling Prostasia, huh? More’s the pity.

So then what did he do that surpassed being mean.

telling minors it was their fault they were sexually abused & saying survivors were faking & talking about his dick to minors

The problem is, you don’t really have any confirmation that the information you have, is really valid.

You don’t know exactly if his location is correct, all you have is some approximation.

And as for the name and age, he could very much “admit” nothing. Giving away false information to mislead you.

Giving this information and providing links to his online accounts to the CPS was really the best thing you could do because CPS has the knowledge and training necessary to validate and pursue legal action against him.

What you and your friend are trying to do, is pursuing vigilante justice, against someone you know only from the internet, whose information might most likely be incorrect, effectively going on with pitchforks against most likely some random person not even knowing about this drama.

And while you might not directly be the one who is doxing him, you are complicit in your friend breaking the law. You are effectively a partner in crime. Once again, you most likely are doxing an unknown person, throwing accusations at them. Isn’t it suspicious that CapitanCrunch was publicly admitting to his private informations knowing he has enemies? Are you 100% sure you are not buying into his trap?

You are not an infallible and omniscient being, you are human, you make mistakes, which is why you shouldn’t pursue revenge nor help in doxing of anyone, chances are you are going to hurt someone innocent for personal pleasure. With each such effort, the probability will rise, eventually reaching 100%.

And when it happens, I’m sorry, you no longer can consider yourself a victim. You are now an abuser. You now deserve the same exact treatment and approach you are trying to give towards CapitanCrunch. No excuses will be valid. Is that really what you are aspiring to be? To not be an anti, but be exactly as bad as them nonetheless? To be exactly as Roman, but simply with opposite views on the topic of pedophilia?


MAPs will never have the institutional power and safety that antis have. That is why he is so unafraid of being doxxed, why he was so willing to put his real name and info into his Twitch bio. Because he doesn’t care. Because he could handle the fallout, stay safe and comfortable, while our lives are ruined. I am no “partner in crime.” I did not help Micro find the info. I simply watched from the sidelines. Don’t put words in my mouth.

Don’t you dare. Don’t you FUCKING dare. Victims are not abusers for trying to stop their abuse, for being angry about their abuse. I will NEVER be ABLE TO BE “exactly as Roman,” because I am a fucking MAP and that is ALWAYS something that will separate me from him, disadvantage me, make me unable to gain the power he can.

Hurting someone, for personal pleasure or not, intentionally or not, is, well. Hurtful. You have hurt me. So kindly fuck off.

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