Has Japan really normalized pedophilia?

No. Obviously. But would anyone else like to comment about this.

Japan has not normalized pedophilia. It’s just that japanese citizens are not as uncomfortable dealing with children as western people are. Majority of people will raise their eyebrows if an adult man is talking to a child. Leonardo Dicaprio for an example was talking with a young fan, taking selfies and was accussed of being a pedophile. Adult and children would also share the same space regardless of gender in bathing houses. Families would bath in one tub all at once until they became adults. This might sound sexual to some, but it wasn’t. Nudity itself is not sexual. I am not really well-read otherwise, but I think the culture surrounding youth and cute stuff also plays a role. There are also “rent-a-girlfriend” services with young girls and older men usually use these services. Just because peopel are interacting with young people does not mean it has normalized pedophilia, or that this behaviour is pedophilic.

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Depends on what you mean by “normalized”.

Sexual or romantic contact between adults and children in Japan is still seen as unacceptable and criminal, just like anywhere else in the world, it’s just that Japanese culture isn’t as prudish about sex or sexual taboos or engagement with them as the West has. This is likely due to the fact that Japan never welcomed the spread of Catholicism or any other Western faiths within their period of isolation, in addition to the fact that Japanese people understand how taboo can be used to manipulate people into acting against their own better interests.

This isn’t to say that ALL of Japan is into loli or child sex dolls, not even remotely true. It’s just that their politicians and young people are more or less likely to understand that pedophilia and child sex abuse are not the same thing, as is the case with sadistic fetishism and sexual assault.
They take a more objectivist approach to it all, since these are things that will never leave humanity, nor will they ever be ‘cured’, so it’s best not to treat them like diseases, but rather facts of the human condition that are best understood and expressed in ways that don’t harm, cause injury to, or exploit others.


I’m not really into these debates about Japan etc, but I would just say that I think almost nobody who’s ever used the phrase “normalizing pedophilia” has any idea what the word pedophilia means.