How CSA victims use Loli and rape art to cope

That and also, is it a healthy thing to do?

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I linked to it earlier, but I’m not a licensed mental health professional so I can’t speak on the process or if it’s even beneficial, all I can do is trust in the knowledge of a licensed professional.

Not much of an answer I’m afraid.

Everyone copes differently. For some it’s healthy, while for others it’s unhealthy.


I’m a rape survivor who enjoys rape fantasies and my psychiatrist and therapist have both signed off on this practice and here’s why: It’s consensual, done in a safe setting, and the people involved are people I have vetted, played with, and trust. This allows me to explore the feelings I experienced during and in the aftermath of my assaults and also gives me power over them. I get to reset the scene and make it go the way I want instead of how it went. This has also allowed me to rebuild my ability to trust others and myself, which is hard to do when you’ve been taken advantage of and conditioned to feel like it’s your fault.

Many SA/CSA survivors also explore the really complex feelings that come along with trauma in the form of fiction. I journal and write bad poetry to process my trauma. Some of it is really explicitly about being raped and not exactly a fun read, but part of what I need to regain myself. Others use art and fiction as a way to remember events that were overwhelming in order to sort them out better.

Basically, these can be really powerful ways to process and reclaim oneself after someone has at least once, snatched that away.