Hypocrisy of google

So as we know google is willing to ban lolicon from there search results but they dont give a shit about actual zoophilic porn. Tech companies do whatever it takes to make money, i doubt they really care about sexual abuse prevention.

I searched up zoohpilia and the third result was porn site.

I also looked it up on my phone and I got the same results. Sooooo that’s ““great””


Maybe don’t distribute the links, though?

K i’ll just change it


Well, animals are not children.


Of course, if no governmental authority (police/courts etc) is going to hold them to account on this, why should they?

I wonder how many police investigations have involved tracking the visitors on animal porn websites unprompted (ie: outside of any investigation into a specific person) or how many people have been indicted or even arrested for having “made” bestiality images without any hint of CSAI as well?

If you are consuming zoophilic porn, you are a piece of shit. I hope you know that. I support arresting consumers of zoophile or child porn. Get help or face felony sentencing.

Visit https://www.stopitnow.org.uk/ or else.

Maybe don’t distribute the links, though?

Lmao the OP just committed a felony. What a cuck isn’t he. Prostasia already has a pretty crappy reputation. I will admit when I first found it I didn’t like this charity at all. Would help if they didn’t commit you know, felonies, right?

No I don’t “consome” zoophilic porn. Our forum is about pedophilia which is a paraphilia that cannot be acted on just like zoophilia. I was looking up podcasts about pedophilia zoophilia and sexual sadism, which is when I found this out


Un Fun fact zoophilic porn is legal in 49 us states. That’s why this shit can appear in the the google search results on page 1. The point was to raise awareness of what I found. I reported these links to google btw. Its pretty clear in this post that i’m agains’t beastiality.

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Don’t use “degenerate” as an insult. Degenerate art - Wikipedia

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Oh god, I made the mistake of doing a Google Image Search for zoophilia… :nauseated_face:

And upsettingly enough, the first definition (it’s even a highlighted snippet) Google Germany offers when searching for “lolicon” is:

A term used in Japan for crimes related to pedophilia and ephebophilia

… wat?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Fiction is not real. Google knows this, why do they play into it??

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