I feel like this is dishonest

From here:

First, regarding MassResistance’s efforts to remove obscene materials: Every liberal interest
defending books like This Book is Gay and It’s Perfectly Normal has refused to depict or
describe the offensive contents of these books, and understandably so: these books’ images and
passages include explicit acts of sexual depravity including naked bodies. For example, this obscene passage (one of many) appears in the frequently challenged (and graphic) Gender

"I can’t wait to have your c*ck in my mouth. I’m going to give you the blow job of your
life. Then I want you inside me.”

Here’s a passage from Flamer:

“I recognize that this doesn’t sound very sexy. But this is the reality of butt sex. With a
little forethought I will make your sex sexier. This is a dude-dude pairing. It can get tricky.”

He got the wrong book.

That book also depicts boys engaging in a “game” in which they masturbate into bottles, and whoever cannot “come” has to drink the contents of the bottle.

It’s about bullying and harassment Why the lie?

"Other books direct minors to seek Sex with adults and normalize dangerous, destructive behaviors*. Anyone with common sense would want these books removed immediately.

Such as? Why can’t you show it but say:

She said she can’t publish the quotes because “thousands of people will read this without prior knowledge of some of its content.” But that is exactly the point we are making. If it’s fine for minor children to read, why isn’t it fine for the adults in the community to see?

Where are the quotes directing kids to engage in sex with adults or sex in general? Where are they?