I found an article, am curious on peoples thoughts and opinions on it

[…] possession of child sex abuse images.

Hello nebulous terms, my old friend nemesis.

I highly doubt the state of New Hampshire, where US-based hentai manga publisher Fakku is based, would classify drawings of fictional characters as CSAM or have an obscenity definition that would include non-consensual exposure or public exhibition.

CSAM is rightfully illegal and those who dabble in such materials shouldn’t expect any sympathy from people - or groups - that advocate for free speech or abuse prevention.


I am dubious of the value of criminalizing possession. It is a stopgap measure to get at distributors (did you know that if you torrent something, the p2p software will share the file with other people? how much “distribution” is this?) and it isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The amount of collateral damage is gargantuan and it mostly hits people very distant from the distributors / producers, who are more deserving of some time. Some countries recognise this and give possession a proportionate sentence, rather than one intended to “punish” distributors by proxy.

Last of all, we actually need the media to tell you what someone’s looking at, rather than using vague and loose terms, which may vary from the worst hurtcore to naked photos. Whether it is real for starters. And something like the system in the U.K. where they have three categories something could be put in. Category A involves sex. Category B involves masturbation. Category C involves anything they think is “indecent”. It used to be more detailed by putting bestiality into it’s own section. But they got lazy.