I need a strong rebuttal to this

From here.

The Drag Queen stuff is fine as they know to tone it down for children, but the sex ed books for teens 12-up…are they ok?

Also from it:

Drag is a gateway to the adult sex industry. Listen to the testimony of a former drag queen as he explains how he was inducted into drag and eventually became a male escort/ prostitute. Do we want libraries or public schools where these events are taking place now to become the pipelines to the adult sex industry?

Why is it in the video he lies about his name? Is that person really trustworthy?

Here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about the group that published this:

“MassResistance is a hate group that promotes anti-LGBT rhetoric and socially conservative positions. The group is designated an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center in part for claims linking LGBT people with pedophilia and zoophilia, and claims that suicide prevention programs aimed at gay youth were created by homosexual activists to normalize and ‘lure’ children into homosexuality.”

They are a hate group. They are not trustworthy people. Do not believe anything they say.

As for sex ed books, I obviously can’t speak for every YA book ever, but why shouldn’t teenagers be learning about sex? They’re already going through puberty. Kids should start learning about it long before age 12.


That is unfortunatly an ad homeniem. The point is that many think Drag performances are inherantly sexual. And there are times where it seems to be true. I mean this link is from a high school, but is dancing like this really necessary?

Libs of Tik Tok is no better than a hate group. It’s an account that exists to dox and harass LGBTQ people. Don’t believe anything it says.

You need to start paying more attention to where information comes from. Haters lie.

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And no, it is not ad hominem to point out that a source is biased and untrustworthy. Sometimes it’s true.

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Just because something is sexual to you doesn’t mean that it’s inherently sexual. Pole dancing is a great example. Many people view it as sexual but a lot of people pole dance because it’s a great workout and can build strength in often-neglected muscle groups.


Yes but we have to explain why that source is wrong, and showing that a source is biased is just lazy.