I need some input on a predicament I am in

Last year, youtube announced that it would begin increasing it’s security measures to keep minors on youtube safe from child predators.

I am a MAP. Last year I was going through a youtube channel known as ‘‘Utubeblows’’ this channel has all the episodes of Get-Ed a forgotten albeit favorite cartoon of mine in the early 2000’s in rare HD quality. After making a comment on a preserved upload of the show’s Pilot I got in contact with one of the few remaining animators of the show who was open to me asking him questions about the show over Twitter.

Halfway through our week-long conversation, he discovered that I was a MAP ( my bad for not using a separate twitter account ) and blocked me. He also reported me but MAP’s are protected by the Twitter TOS.

Anyway, all of the sudden, the channel ‘‘Utubeblows’’ is now attacking me, claiming that my ‘‘highly disturbing’’ activities on Twitter have resulted in youtube removing the comment sections on their channel. On the pilot video, the aforementioned animator and I talked before our discussion went to Twitter. Utubeblows believes that since my twitter contained ‘‘predatory behavior’’ youtube was somehow able to trace my twitter activities to youtube and have punished every channel I watched by censoring the comment sections of those channels to protect minors from me.

I have never once engaged in ‘‘predatory behavior’’ on youtube and I rarely if ever comment on youtube videos. Utubeblows themselves is rarely active and their most recent video was 5 years old so it was very surprising to see them attack me specifically after years of inactivity.

A user on Twitter believes that Utubeblows has no right to attack me as they believe that Youtube did not censor their channel because of me but rather because their uploads feature ‘‘child content’’ and the new comment section removal apparently applies to all youtube content which is identified as being ‘‘for kids’’.

So who’s right here, did I really get a channel punished for my poorly managed behavior? I do feel very bad for Utubeblows.

I don’t like to blame people, but it was a bad call for that animator to block you on superstition alone. You didn’t show any hostile behavior, and I doubt the content you had on your Twitter user page was offensive enough to completely shut you off. You are a MAP, as you so proclaim, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have your own side of the story to tell. It is foolhardy to challenge or oppress an individual without any evidence, and then choosing to hurt someone else by proxy. How will this solve any problem? It will only create many more. Just because you think something isn’t ethically appropriate doesn’t make every instance of it entirely wrong.

I’m a MAP. 81-95% of the human population hates MAP’s because we are a direct equivalent to pedophiles who being a criminal or not are still hated by the masses. You may think it’s a bad call but he wasn’t willing to engage in discussion with someone that most people view as an inevitable or potential child predator.

While I am saddened by him blocking me and my further inability to learn details of the forgotten cartoon, it’s not unusual for someone to do what he did.

Regardless, my focus of my post is to figure out whether or not my twitter activity resulted in ‘‘Utubeblows’’ being punished by youtube.

Google and Twitter both track you pretty relentlessly across browsers, so unless you have something installed that containerizes Twitter or Google, it is POSSIBLE that Google may have tracked your Twitter handle, but I tend to be skeptical that YouTube would have targeted it at you if the channel is aimed at children in any form. I am not terribly familiar with that whole mess.