I think i'm in trouble with My Gmail account

Sorry for my Bad use of English language but recently i have a truoble with My Gmail account i send me images of manga hentai in My account but My account was disabled
i see the reason and i’m sure was for these draws, i got sacared and i delete the mail with the draws, in the mail i only see a red traffic light before i delete permanently the mail, after i reactivate My Gmail account but after this i search for cases of people who go to jail For hentai but i don’t find anything, i see cases of people who can’t enter in his accounts of Google, photos and drive for share photos of real childs, but i can still see My accounts i don’t know if NCMEC denounce hentai with authorities but in My country i know it’s not illegal draws unless if didnt involve a real childs, do you think i’m should try to retrieve the mail in case of legal problems?

While I don’t know anything about your local laws, if hentai / fantasy material is legal where you live, I don’t think your are at any risk of legal trouble, but you should also check if there are any “obscenity” laws that could potentially be applied as well.
That said, Google can still moderate what can or cannot be transmitted on their servers. Don’t bother with trying to retrieve those emails.
I would suggest getting a more privacy oriented email provider, such as protonmail.

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It would obviously depend on the material you sent as well as the laws pertaining to said material in your area. If it was just regular Hentai, you should probably be fine, unless porn is outright illegal where you live.

If it was something like Loli/Shota/Cub, than things get a little more complicated depending on local laws.

I’d say you’re most likely fine.
In the future, do not trust Google. They are not a trustworthy company.

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I read the penal code of My country and estate and is like California, only it’s illegal if are real childs involved but in My country i didn’t find anything like obscenity law

If you were able to reactivate/access your account, you’re fine.
It’s far more likely that it had tripped a spam/adult content filter, rather than anything actually serious.

I’ve had a Gmail account get flagged and disabled for the same reason, only to be re-enabled by inputting a phone number and enabling 2FA, mostly due to spam activity.

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Yes it was shota but for what i know i think isn’t illegal in my country Legal status of fictional pornography depicting minors - Wikipedia
I know it’s wikipedia but i read My penal code and says it’s ilegal if involve persons under 18 years age

I wouldn’t worry to much about it than, worst-case scenario Google could contact authorities and you could explain that it was just fictional content. I don’t imagine Google would contact authorities over Loli/Shota/Cub though, usually sites just suspend service for that sort of violation.

Again, this all depends on the laws of the country/state you live in.

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It may be sufficient for a search warrant depending on the Country / Judge …

But Yeah I agree he is probably fine. If he never did anything illegal too the worst is a couple of months without PC / Smartphone. Unkomfortable sure but not the end of life.

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Well the only thing i notice is the color of My icon of Google change to red it’s the only thing but the rest of My accounts are normal i can see My other drive account and i can see My photos, sorry if this things i write sounds stupid but im really really scared un this moments
Can i say the country where i live?

What does “the color of My icon of Google change to red” mean? Can you post of screenshot of what you are talking about.

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In the superior looks gray, in the inbox looks red and when i see the massage still in red

Now i can still see My icon on gray only i’m inbox change

…okay so what’s the issue? If the icon changing color is your only issue, what’s the issue?

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Sorry i think that could mean the emails were under review or something i don’t know sorry i’m feel nervous

I think that is just a default avatar because your name starts with R. You should be able to change that to a picture in your account settings if you want to.

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It also changes periodically, too, since it’s just a flat color with the first character of your first name.

You’re fine.

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I’m feel a little bit stupid for this, but thanks for all post of yours

You are fine, but next time don’t trust Google ever again.


There’s multiple reasons not to trust Google Drive.

People are having their files deleted because Google is falsely flagging them as either copyrighted, adult, or hate speech. If you’re going to invest in a cloud storage option, I recommend MEGA or something local.