Idea for a sex positive worldbuilding forum

So, this morning my Reddit account and all alt accounts were banned for posting ‘‘sexually suggestive content involving minors’’. This is a bit devestating as a lot of my work is now inaccessible and open to stealing. This violation came as a result of making a controversial post on the r/NSFWWorldbuilding subreddit where I talked about sexual mores in my fantasy worlds and because one of my fantasy world’s lacked age of consent laws, this got a lot of people angry. Those same people however had no problem talking about rape, sex slavery etc on the r/NSFWWorldbuilding subreddit.

Because I no longer have a platform to promote my work on and there doesn’t seem to be other alternatives. I am proposing the creation of a forum for worldbuilders, fantasy writers and fanfiction writers / artists to share and promote their work with limited censorship.

I’m not good with site creation so any help and support would be greatly appreciated.

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Rather than fearing those unjust rules, overpowered rule enforcers, and anti-freedom ruffians, the real world needs a new place to hold harmless fantasies. I don’t know how to help, but I hope your idea can take shape soon.

Still, I know the job is never done even if we have a friendly platform. We’ll have to protect it from social justice harassment warriors and unjust laws.

This might seem a bit farfetched, but why not try or Wattpad? You could probably find people with similar interests to yourself, perhaps. It is only a suggestion, though. I’ll support you, even though I cannot code, so don’t give up!

Fanfiction.Net is for fanfiction… hence it’s name. I much prefer AO3 in that regard.

And wattpad is far too amateur and messy for me.

FOSTA, Canada, and for some reason, people have just been getting really funny about sexualisation lately. I can’t quite put my finger on why because a lot of places were never this bad a year ago.

From my connections, and take this as it is, site owners seem concerned about advertisors and the law. Also, do keep in mind that not all staff operating a website may in a location where viewing / possessing cartoon imagery is legal. In some places, text is also illegal. Now that the U.N. has passed their new law, sites can’t exactly play dumb with things like “jurisdiction” for too long.

There are a few Asian companies which might allow something like that without really batting an eye. The West is a tinderbox.