I'm Worried About my Work Being Privatized by the State

I’m going to try this again, and I really hope people will listen this time.

This may just be paranoia, but being a sexually frustrated aspiring cartoonist in Georgia, chin deep within the Bible Belt, what I fear the most is having my work fit the needs of the state. My older brother is pushing me to get into this small animation studio in our city, but upon inspection, I have reason to believe that this studio is right-wing. They mainly do military related work and one of their founders closely worked with Ronald Reagan, the president that purposefully ignored the AIDS/HIV crisis of his time that killed countless queers.

I’m scared of being ordered to produce material that only suits their agenda under any circumstance and not my own personal desires as a human being. Not a whole lot of mainstream animation studios take a stand against government invasion.

Lately, I’ve begun to question the legitimacy of statutory rape and age of consent laws. I’ve no interests in learning about “Romeo and Juliet” laws because I find them beyond silly just by their name. My argument is that these laws all serve as extensions of government institution. The way these laws are enforced makes the argument on its end that adolescents are lesser, essentially, that they cannot think for themselves and assert their own rights as human beings.

Come to think of it, I admitted once at group therapy a long long time ago that I absolutely detested conformity. When the therapist asked if I hated the government, I falsely answered “no” because I was afraid of retaliation.

To a certain degree, adolescent relationships are inevitable, they will happen, and trying to criminalize them causes more trouble than it solves. Troubles which do arise of it can be mitigated through better sex education. Anything involving adults is far more complicated, especially when problematic means of hooking up, like the internet, are involved.

For ages of consent, the precise numbers are anything but universal. Federally, the U.S. sets it at 18, but some states put it at 17, and some put it at 16. A handful of countries in Europe set it at 15. I don’t know really know where it is best to set it, and I leave this thinking to other people.

The U.K. takes the approach of setting it at 16, except when someone is in a relationship with a person in a position of authority like a teacher, in which case it is 18. There are significant power imbalances between an individual and a teacher. A teacher can punish them. A teacher is responsible for grading tests. A teacher inherently has a lot of power over them.

There is a myth that Japan has set their age of consent at 12 / 13. They have not. Ages of consent in Japan are set by the prefecture, and 13 is the minimum that it is possible to set it to, in accordance with national law. Actual ages of consent are far higher and nothing unusual to a Western observer.

France doesn’t consider it automatic “statutory rape” for offenses against someone under the age of 15, however it is still illegal and incurs jailtime. At 12, every incidence is automatically assumed to be rape by judicial convention, and an even heavier punishment is levied.

You have a surprisingly anarchist outlook on things (libertarianism at the extreme).

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You’re surprised? Really?

I’ve quickly reached the point in my life, mainly thanks to Orlando, where I take labels of degeneracy aimed towards me and my kind as a badge of honor.

Anyway, thank you for the compliment. =)

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