Interesting podcast epsode with James Cantor

So, I just listened to a podcast featuring Dr. James Cantor, wich probably most of you are already familiar with, and I found it very good, perhaps some of you may be interested in listening to it, and maybe even discuss what was said in it here.
Anyways, here’s the description of it:
“This is a unique episode in that it features a
conversation that was originally recorded back in 2022 with Dr. James Cantor. We intentionally decided not to release the episode at that time. You’ll hear Sasha and Stella introduce the conversation by sharing more about why they chose to withhold the episode for all
this time and why they have opted to release it now over a year after recording.
Dr. Cantor is a clinical psychologist and sexual
behaviour scientist. For the past 20 years, he has beer studying the nature and causes of sexual interests from relatively familiar ones - such as heterosexuality and homosexuality, transsexuality, and asexuality - to rare and exotic phenomena, including vorarephilia (sexual
fantasies of being swallowed) and furries (people who have sex while dressed or cross-dressed as animals).The most widely discussed of his findings has been his research using neuroimaging and other techniques to
solate the causes of pedophilia and hebephilia(the sexual preferences for prepubescent and pubescent children). His team’s results have been published in the highest-impact journals of psychology, including
Psychological Bulletin, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, and the Journal of Abnorma Psychology. Dr.Cantor regularly appears in the media internationally to discuss how society can better apply science to prevent sexual abuse and provide more ethical and more effective treatment for people with atypical sexual interests. Interviews with him have appeared on CNN, NPR, The New York Times, and on Dan Savage’s SavageLove. Dr.Cantor is currently the Director of the Toronto Sexuality Centre and is the past Editor of the Sexual Abuse, the top research journal in
this field and the official journal for the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
atypical sexual interests.
James Cantor is considered controversial in some circles and yet he is a well-respected researcher who sits on the editorial boards of two peer-reviewed journals (the Journal of Sexual Aggression and Archives of Sexual Behavior). Cantor’s position is similar to that
of the Prevention Project Dunkelfeld in Germany: “You are not guilty because of your sexual desire, but you are responsible for your sexual behavior. There is help! Don’t become an offender!”
Sasha and Stella speak with Dr. Cantor in the spirit of genuine inquiry, fierce debate, and the desire to wrap their minds around difficult and complex topics which society needs to address. As psychotherapists, the Gender: A Wider Lens hosts, believe in the importance of dialogue and bringing the issues explored in this conversation out from the shadows in an effort tounderstand how to encourage better outcomes”
And here’s the link to the podcast on YouTube:


I’ll have to review this at some point. Mr. Cantor is an interesting figure with polarizing views regarding gender dysphoria and transgender individuals.


Ray Blanchard is similar in this regard. Has done much research into pedophilia but is perhaps more infamous for his views on transgender people.

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There’s a lot of transphobia among the older paraphilia experts for some reason. My best guess is that spending so much time looking at everything through the lens of sexuality makes it hard to understand the parts of identity that aren’t related to sexuality (hence why they often try to frame transgender identity as autogynephilia, which is about sexuality rather than gender)