Is Teen Pregnancy Pedophilia?

As I’ve mentioned on this forum before. I’m a science-fantasy writer, in one of my science-fantasy series, there is an ‘‘inhuman’’ civilization that has radically different sexual mores compared to the real world humans and among other things, they are completely apathetic to the concept of teen pregnancy which is very common in their society. They simply see nothing wrong with it and they never will. I portray all taboo aspects of my fictional world in a strictly neutral manner and I refuse to add any ‘‘remember people, this is bad’’ disclaimers.

Quite a few people have accused me of promoting or normalizing pedophilia with that specific aspect of my writing in particular. I have attempted to argue that teen pregnancy is not pedophilia and thus portraying it neutrally or positively is not a promotion of pedophilia. Regardless, my arguments are always unconvincing.

One person I was arguing with stated that not only is teen pregnancy pedophilia, but teen parents are themselves, pedophiles, by default since they had sex and got pregnant before 18.

So I’d like to ask members of this forum. Does Teen Pregnancy count as pedophilia and is it necessary to portray it as an inherent evil in all forms of fiction?

Any claims of “normalizing” anything are to be freely discarded and attacked. Don’t let unfounded assumptions backed by anxiety, fear, and prejudice discourage you from creating and expressing yourself. There is absolutely zero evidence that something simply being created or existing will “normalize” the evils it depicts or even glorifies. These biased, problematic assumptions assume that people can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy or thoughts from acts.
The way to destroy a “normalization” argument is by simply asking “how?” and “why?” and question the spurious logic, or rebut them with studies and correlations with how violence and sex crimes have actually gone down with the rise of the Internet and how low the rape and child sex abuse rates are in countries with more access to porn (Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan) and cite how there is no demonstrated, conclusive causal link between pornography (including violent or virtual child pornography) consumption and sex crimes. Or better yet - simply bring up violence and the double-standard applied to sex/

“Teen pregnancy” is not even pedophilia. Pedophilia is regarded as anything below pubescence, meaning 8-11 years old. It’s not uncommon for people to conflate anything below the age of 18 with pedophilia because of how the law classifies the age of minority against the age of majority (under and over 18 years of age). People latch onto that because it’s easier and more familiar a concept. Most children aren’t capable of child rearing until after puberty, in which case it’s still wrong and dangerous but that doesn’t justify censorship of fiction. The MTV show “16 and Pregnant” is far more problematic than whatever it is you’re writing could ever be.

None of this should be read as a claim of support or endorsement for pedophilia, teen pregnancy, or child sex abuse. They’re not now, nor have they ever been good things and are serious crimes regardless of how fictional media may present them.
But censorship, especially the kind backed up by fear and prejudice, as opposed to valid empirical consensus, is a far worse and more realistic danger to our society than these assumptions that free speech may “normalize” evil. You can’t know evil if you’re not allowed to witness it in some way. People like to assume that the human mind is pure when it’s not. These things are a reflection of the beliefs, tastes, and ideals held by their creators and their consumers, whose reasons for consumption are as vast as could be - not necessarily because they have a sexual interest in minors.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with teen pregnancy. “Teen” is a human-made concept. A lot of years ago, when the average human life-span was around 17-23-24 years, at what age do you think people had sex and reproduced?

From biological viewpoint, once you reach sexual maturity, you are ready for the natural order - reproduction. If you are going reproduce or not, this is YOUR choice, not the society’s choice. People really should stop trying to control the personal choicess ot other people.

Ignore these people. If they insult your work, then they don’t deserve your attention.

To be more accurate, there is no actual brain condition called “pedophilia”. Pedophilia is a nickname of situation when an adult person is attracted to a person who is prepubescent. Pedophilia doesn’t mean anything at all, since the word lost it’s meaning, because everyone use it about anything…

Teen is a person between age of 13 and age of 19. Between 13-19, you are not prepubescent, meaning applying the concept of “pedophilia” to story about teen person who is pregnant, is invalid.

So, as i already said, “pedophilia” doesn’t mean anything. Everyone has his/her own idea about what pedophilia mean. Some people will say pedophilia is attraction to prepubescent people, some people will say it’s attraction to everyone under the age of 18, etc…

The pop-culture distorts everything. In the reality, there is no actual psychiatric condition called pedophilia. This is entirely made up label, just like the races. There are no genes nor any brain changes that the pedophiles have, but the non-pedophilic people don’t have. Pedophiles are the same as non-pedophile, meaning that pedophiles are the same as non-pedophiles.

Some people love to make drama for nothing, by exaggerating the situation.

Having sex before the age of 18 is not pedophilia, nor something bad. Next time when someone tell you that sex before the age of 18 is bad, explain him/her that humans reach sexual maturity at around the age of 11-12, and in the past, when the average human life-span was around 17-23 years, people had to have sex and to reproduce way before the age of 18. Also, explain him/her that in the past people under 18 and above 18, were treated the same way, and had equal rights and freedoms.

I know these people very well, and i know they wont listen. It doesnt matter what you say, they will continue to call you: “sick”, “sicko” “pedo”, as if these words mean anything…

No, teen pregnancy is not pedophilia. I explained you that there is no actual psychiatric condition called pedophilia, and the label is made up. The label is used to describe adult people who love prepubescent people. Before the late 19th century, the label “pedphilia” didn’t exist, because sex between adult people and young people was accepted, so people didn’t have to describe sex between adult people and young people, differently. But then things changed, and sex between adult people and young people become bad, dirty, evil, satanic thing, and was stigmatized, so people invented new word to describe it.

But from biological viewpoint, there is no such thing as pedophilia.

Don’t worry, friend. You are not promoting any sort of harm. When it comes to art, people should be free to express whatever they want. Some people just find your art offending.

I will make one more comment on this quote.

If two people of the same age under 18, say 16, have sex, this is not something bad. I don’t know with what person you had a debate, but he/she must be puritan who has no idea for what he is talking about.

For example, if a 16 years old boy have sex with a 16 years old girl, can the girl be a pedophile? Is this what the person told you?

You are seemingly using “pedophilia” to mean “child sexual abuse.” Teen pregnancy is a consequence of a teenager having sex. Whether that is child sexual abuse depends on the age of consent including any Romeo and Juliet laws, and on the factual circumstances such as the age of the older partner. But it is unlikely to have anything to do with pedophilia, since prepubescent minors aren’t fertile.


While I agree with most of your response I think it’s factually incorrect to state that teen pregnancy has always been a crime. Firstly, I can’t find any legal code that explicitly defines teen pregnancy as a criminal act. Furthermore, for the vast majority of human history, teen pregnancy was essential to the survival of humanity due to our short lifespans. By all accounts, it didn’t become a taboo until the 1910s or 1920s.