James lindsay twitter account is deleted

The twitter account of the notorious james lindsay https://twitter.com/ConceptualJames/ has been perma banned. He was the originator of calling people “groomers” and has contributed to many pedo panics like the allyn walker hysteria.
What are you thoughts.


I can’t say I have any familiarity with the person in question, but less panic over things like this is always a good thing because panic obstructs critical thought.

We all agree that child sexual abuse (by which I mean any form of adult-child sexual conduct) is bad and harmful, but if you’re not of sound mind then it makes explaining and understanding why this is the case a quintillion times much more difficult.

As for Twitter banning this person’s account? Well, that’s good on them for managing their platform as they saw fit, I guess.
Whether or not the fact of this person losing their Twitter account will make it harder for them to incite panic over these matters remains to be seen, as “alt-tech” platforms are, in essence, poorly-moderated echo chambers rife with this type of rhetoric, as well as scams, misinformation, open calls for violence and true threats, as well as CSAM.


I have to admit that James Lindsay was scarcely on my radar - just one of many amplifiers of this discourse. Here’s my look at where the “groomer” slur came from and why it’s dead wrong. Includes an analysis of why militarist Christianity misinterprets and/or misrepresents drag as sexual.

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