Living in Georgia, Statutory Rape, and Age of Consent

Hello, again.

I live in Georgia, the buttcrack of the Bible Belt. Living down here is absolutely stifling. My brother is pushing me to get into an animation studio that opened down here a long time ago that mainly does military related work, and he refuses to accept “no.” I suspect the studio to have a major right-wing foundation since one of its founders did work with Ronald Reagan, the man who intentionally ignored the AIDS/HIV epidemic of his time that killed hundreds of thousands of queers.

Anyway, I’ve recently found myself questioning statutory rape and age of consent laws to myself. I’ve already presented the idea of two thirteen-year-old males in a relationship, and some of the responses have given me hope.

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I think you should go for it even if you don’t politically agree with them. A job isn’t automatically suppose to be a huge amount of fun. As long as it brings in good money, or helps you into a future of financial success, you have our support.

Age of consent laws are needed in order to protect the vulnerable. In the United States, sexual age of consent vary between 16, 17 and 18: ages which are at or very near adulthood. But bottom line is there is a line that must not be crossed. If there was no age of consent, criminals would be able to prey on 14, 8, and 13 year olds with impunity. We cannot allow for this to happen.

Age of consent for sex does appear to differ from age of pornography. Some find this very strange, but ultimately pornography is not the same as sex. Same reason why the age of medical consent, the age of driving differed from each other and from the age of consent for sex. Age of pornography would be 18 minimum under federal law (federal law trumps state law)

I do think, however, that Romeo and Juliet statues should be adopted in every state so we can avoid criminalizing relationships between similar aged minors. I don’t care much about what two 13 year olds do. But I do care if a 17, 19, or 22 year old gets involved sexually with them.

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Al…just go away. I’ve read your thoughts on various topics…and I want you to go away.

Not listening to what I have said is one thing. Calling my abusive father sub-human is another even though, yes, I would like to see some justice done upon him.

I draw the line so long and deep at advocating fascism.

I don’t know what kind of trauma you have supposedly suffered, at least that’s what I have interpreted, but I have lost the ability to validate it because of your senseless extremism.

Just go away, please.