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Yeah, I noticed those eager to call others “Nazi” are usually self-identified communists, which makes it even more hilarious when you call them “commie” (on account of them saying that they themselves are), and then they take that as “proof” that you are a “Nazi”. That would be a hilarious comedy sketch, if it wasn’t happening IRL.

You know someone is completely delusional when they define terms by the same terms but with their own belief on meanings, not the actual definitions. Creating circular arguments. Pointing fingers at everyone else when it’s really them.
“Chasing their tails” as it were.


That whether punishment can be justified is given consideration impresses me.

States have passed such laws without consideration of whether punishment can be justified. Instead, political blackmailing was leveraged that threatened a smear campaign on whoever didn’t vote for the law.

To the extent that punishment needs to be justified, the first thing that should be debated is whether punishment can be justified and whether there’s evil to punish for.

To the extent that it would be found odd for one to feel protective of a lifeless object, a failure to feel protective of a lifeless object cannot logically be construed as a failure to feel protective of what matters.

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I’m a socialist (almost a commie lol) :innocent:

In my opinion Capitalism only exists due to the exploitation of the global south, including but not limited to forced foreign mineral/resource extraction, extremely low wages (literal pennies) and child labor in countries like the DRC mining for cobalt.

Capitalism doesn’t intend to make poor countries richer, its designed to keep them poor because without their cheap labor and resources capitalism falls apart.

I know you weren’t really talking about economics but its a valid reason why a lot of people are communists or socialists and I find its demonization to be a very American Conservative thing

Sorry to go off topic but I felt the need to respond to that lol


Except communism doesn’t raise anyone up (apart from top Party members). It drags everyone down. Even in the worst case scenario, from a utilitarian perspective, capitalism is much better than communism.

I mean I know there would be corruption in any economic system but I don’t believe Capitalism has really ever helped me much or where me & my family are from.

I do believe Capitalism is better than Feudalism where the King had all the wealth by birthright and that Capitalism has allowed more people to become kings and queens in a way but without having to be born into it which is great. But it only comes at the expense of stealing from other countries which is bad.

The successful capitalist countries are only successful currently because they continue to use war to steal oil from the middle east like the US, use neo-colonial practices to steal minerals and gold from Africa like France and then exploit cheap labor in countries like India & China.

If those countries managed to get out of that system of forced economic oppression then the prices for everything would skyrocket and Capitalism would no longer be optimal for most Westerners when they can no longer afford the same lifestyle they currently have

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That didn’t answer any of my points. As someone born in China and came to the US, I will always consider the American system better than the Chinese one.

I prefer the social liberalism of the US but not its economic policies, I personally dont think Capitalism even works without all what I just mentioned, unless they start paying people pennies for 14 hour work days like Victorian England again to be honest but I do value your opinion and I respect your experiences :innocent:

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I just found out about a search engine called Perplexity.

Here’s a response to one question.


I haven’t explored it much, but the thing looks handy.

It provides links to articles it references.

One has to scroll up after the page opens, by the way.

It’s an AI search engine. The answer seems written by an AI? It’s all opinion based when it comes to dolls=harm-to-children.

The only proof I’m personally aware of is that the few doll owners I’ve seen that got rid of their dolls witin a few months, had no real interest in them. They likely thought they would help them in their desires. But they wanted more to see the fear in a child’s eyes when they raped or molested them. True child predators have no interest in dolls whatsoever. They are truly monsters!

They’re not about to spend the money or wait for one to arrive. They want a living person to traumatize. Dolls don’t move, don’t cry, have no feelings. They’re things, not people. This narrative of conflating doll owners as eqivalent to anything related to harming children is absolutely false!

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There are criminals who like peanut butter, but not everyone who likes peanut butter are criminals.

It makes sense for some who indulge in illegal images to like dolls also, but that way doesn’t mean all who like dolls have an interest in illegal images.

The rationale to proscribe dolls is not rational; it’s completely fabricated. If it weren’t for buzzwords and persuasive polemics, no one would even think about feeling alarmed about how someone handles a doll.

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Everything legislated is all about fear and alarmists and based on religious morality. It’s all emotional reaction to imaginary fears pumped into the public sheeple by the lies of the media. Which is controlled by the beaurocracy, all steered by an unknown group of people with an agenda. All for selfish reasons.

They don’t get to live any longer than anyone else. Yet they’re determined to ruin everyone else’s experience here in the Carnival of Life.

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It’s all the same old ideas
Violent games turns people violent
Pornography turns people into mysoginists/rapists

All of these get constantly disproven because violent crime and rape is diminishing not rising, so they have to get ever more convoluted explanations for why things are bad

The only reason CSAM should be banned is to protect the victim and their privacy, yet legislators still tackle the problem from the perspective that CSAM consumers, even those of purely fictional content, are potential rapists


I figured out their pretzel logic. Every person convicted of possessing CSAM, a small percentage had small dolls. Therefore, 100% of the people they found had dolls, all possessed CSAM. And so it goes to “reason” (falsely) that ALL small doll owners must possess CSAM.
Similar to how every mass shooter has a lot of ammo, magazines, and an AR-15. Therefore, any person buying a lot of ammo and having “high capacity” magazines, who owns an AR-15, must be a potential mass shooter.
Most robberies are committed with handguns. Therefore handgun owners are more likely to commit robberies.
“Guns kill people.” No. Don’t you think without the gun that that person would’ve beaten that man to death with a baseball bat or a shovel, had he been so enraged? Or stabbed him if he had a knife? Therefore, we need to ban baseball bats, kitchen knives, and shovels too!
Pedophiles like Alice in Wonderland, therefore anyone reading Alice in Wonderland to their children and enjoying it MUST be a pedophile.
It just goes round and round and round and round!! Insanity!

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