Malaysia doll sales leads to actions

One posted about finding listings for small dolls for sale on an online shop in Malaysia that had sold over a dozen dolls. Commotion followed.

I don’t know whether Malaysia has a doll law, but it appears that one may not be needed for the state to take action.

I find this exasperating.

Anyway, here are links to glean information from.

Apparently, a total of 16 dolls had been purchased.


They got the headline wrong. It should read: Minister Hannah Yeoh urges police to ensure that real children are the only possible sexual outlet for those who are attracted to them.


They don’t want “outlets”. They want the “monsters” to either feel bad enough about themselves to seek out a “cure” or martyr themselves so that the “hard lot” can feel “safe”.


When the plastic is underaged.


As a counter to the pretext that is commonly used, the idea that androids have long been an idea worthy of consideration could be argued.

I have argued that one can like a doll as a doll. The pretext insists that deeper thoughts must exist. Even considering deeper thoughts, one could imagine a doll is a magical being or comes from another universe where the being’s adult form resembles the doll. FWIW, I’ve argued that one could imagine the doll depicts an imaginary alien plant life form.

Anyway, the idea of androids isn’t new.

Quite a few ideas show here.

The search text “pleasing men’s violent sexual desires” generates quite a number of results. Obviously, regardless of how harmless any intent may be, the sexual interest of men is considered violent. Patricia Melzer gets mentioned a few times.