Manga depicting loli in USA

The other day, I bought the 5 volumes thus far released in the USA of “Creature Girls” (CGs) by Kakeru. On them, there are explicit sexual scenes between the adult main characters and minor-looking girls. Some of them even look like pre-teens.
I own all copies of To Love Ru Darkness (TLD), and while there is some loli nudity, it is rather tame compared to what you can see in CGs, as on the latter you see sexual intercourse that is barely censored and you can fully see the action.
Another manga that I got is the English version of Interspecies Reviewers Darkness, which involves another sexual intercourse scene between an adult and a loli character who is a “halfling”.
I am aware of obscenity laws, and I am relatively well-versed on the relevant cases and precedents, including those involving the 1466A obscenity statute.
The main point I am trying to make is that it seems like Seven Seas and Yen Press are testing the waters little by little, as in the past they refused to publish Kodomo No Jikan. Does this mean that loli is becoming non-obscene? Are we on the brink of loli becoming more available on mainstream stores? Or are these accidents?
Also, what will happen to the portions of the 1466A statute that do not have the full Miller test except for the serious value prong? I believe that portion of the statute is unconstitutional as it is overboard (just because something is offensive and lacks serious value doesn’t mean it appeals to the prurient interest. What if my story sucks but the purpose of the whole story isn’t to appeal to morbid interest in sex.), and it violates due process as congress attempted to bypass two of the Miller prongs, thus potentially preventing the trier of fact to find beyond reasonable doubt an affront to community standards should the portion be applied. The last time it was used, as far as I know, was on the Christian Bee case, and that was a plea bargain. After that, they only use the portion that has the full Miller test. I suppose it’s falling into desuetude? Dead letters much?

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