Media Misinformation

The New York Times persists in using the “one million accounts” number for a CP site (likely Child’s Play), when the site only ten thousand humans (according to other media sources). There are many possibilities for this. Bots, humans rotating accounts to make it difficult to track their patterns, those are only the ones I could come up with. They also cite a paper which was well-known for coercing individuals to confess to crimes they hadn’t committed, or get moved to a harder prison. Given the corruption in that case, it is impossible to trust the justice system in the papers the Times failed to properly cite, I would not put it past the FBI getting a lead on a child sex organization, and using them in a research sample prior to arrest. To their credit, the New York Times opposed forced conversion therapy, and otherwise did not comment on it.

VICE Media continues to give attention to the rogue quack organisation Priotab. They may be worth cancelling by association. 30% of maps are trans (who can’t get therapy for that specific problem). A large portion of people who get therapy have POCD. Some are manic, psychotic, autistic, or ADHD. In a short time span, very short at that, people were already trying to kill themselves during the study, the psychopaths have zero regard for human life. Such interventions have already been debunked as harmful. Many times. It is well known by anyone who isn’t autistic, manic, or psychotic that sexual compulsivity is driven by negative emotion and yet VICE attempts to smear therapists for doing their jobs. It pretends to be a progressive piece, but ends up being worse than any conservative piece by dressing itself up as woke.

The Daily Mail really seems to hate free speech and likes to think every map on Twitter is Tom O’Carroll (who is entitled to free speech too, not that anyone in the mainstream actually takes his opinions seriously, or that he was on Twitter to begin with). This isn’t surprising given their enthusiastic support for fascism during the 20th century, I am going to scrape the bottom of that barrell as they obsess over irrelevant organizations and people from 40 to 50 years ago (PIE).

The Daily Telegraph spreads disinformation about CP present on Twitter (which is a huge platform) being directly linked to the MAP Community. There is no evidence to suggest such. A more likely answer for an increase since 2016 is that social media companies have gotten a lot better at detecting the content. Did Facebook suddenly have a huge spike in 2018 and 2019? No. The Daily Telegraph deliberately tried to cut Cantor out of the loop (and claim he never responded) by using an underused back-channel and giving an impossibly short deadline for comments.

NBC News / Daily Mail aired random unsubstantiated claims about a sexbot.

The Guardian (who I unfollowed long ago for being an unreliable source of information) likes to measure the number of people on the dark web by counting the number of accounts. It is a useless number which is worse than not having a number at all. They use these numbers as the basis for entire articles.

Unfortunately, it is hard to chase up on some claims as media organizations have a great dislike for citations, or providing details to corroborate their claims. They simply want people to take their word for it a lot of the time.