Mental health tips for MAPs feeling betrayed

  • Block teleiophiles on Twitter with upsetting takes. Doomscrolling is fun, but it’s not worth the pain.
  • Give up on engaging with assimilationist ‘allies.’ Assimilationism is an extremely difficult mindset to break. It’s emotional, not logical, and you won’t convince them without completely overturning their worldview. Even the most eloquent essays will barely make a scratch without the addition of personal experience.
  • Remember that you are better than them. You will always be better than them.
  • Remember that what they are saying is called victim-blaming. It is NOT your fault we aren’t accepted, and it is NOT okay for them to blame you for it or tone-police you or dictate for you how you should do your activism.
  • Proshippers are trash.
  • They don’t understand you or your struggles and they never will.
  • You are right. I believe you are right. You’re not alone.

Why?(filler words…)

Assimilationist anti scumbags. Traitors. Hypocrites.

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Or, you know, just not use Twitter?


But then where would I complain about how bad Twitter is for my mental health? :upside_down_face:


stfu /srs [filler words]

A well rounded and thoughtful argument against a position taken by @Jigsy. So glad to have such scholarship and erudition here.

I have neither the time nor the spoons to explain my thoughts in details, especially when the argument against is so personally hurtful